Ethan de Villiers

Coaching Ethos:

My approach to coaching is to teach in an understandable manner. I feel that today a lot of content taught throughout sports and lessons in the classroom are lost because they are not properly explained and justified as to why certain things are being taught. This has helped me develop my personal coaching philosophy of, “Prioritising development, not content covered”.

I have been playing touch for 6 seasons, I have competed in tournaments and leagues across four different countries (China, South Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia), ranging from Men’s A, B, and C divisions as well as Mixed A and B. I have been assisting at my current school (OFS) to coach my fellow peers and younger peers in touch. My biggest Touch achievement has been being allowed to represent Singapore against the Olympic Fijian rugby team back in late 2016.

More about Ethan:
As an active member within the touch community both on and off the pitch, this has allowed me to gain contacts for being able to host more plentiful and larger scale events as a coach, as well as being able to expose myself to many different coaching views and techniques. I have been coaching sport (Soccer, Touch Rugby, Contact Rugby, and Basketball) since early 2012 in my previous school (ICS) and have carried my love for coaching since.

Audrey Kok

Coaching Ethos:

Providing a positive environment for the learners, and allowing them to develop their potential, furthermore developing them into great individuals. I coach by the philosophy of “Building skills, great character, and attitude on and off the pitch. Being malleable to what the environment or circumstances give”.


  • 5 years in playing touch.
  • Currently a player under Monsoon Touch.
  • Champion for 2014 Shanghai International Touch Tournament Women’s Open
  • Champion for 2016 TAS Summer Touch league for Women’s B
  • Champion for 2016 Shanghai International Touch Tournament Mixed Open
  • Champion for 2016 Bangkok Southern Touch Tournament 
  • Listed as most improved player for 2016 under Monsoon Touch
  • Runner up for Country of Origin 2017 (Singapore) held by TAS
  • Drafted into Singapore All Stars (Cisco) 2017

More about Audrey: 
She strongly believes in building up the team with good team spirit, players with good and strong character; to grow and nurture well rounded players of the future.