We welcome boys and girls to trial rugby with Centaurs. Find your child’s year of birth and then come along for an obligation- and cost-free training session on Saturday mornings. If you like us and want to join midway through a term, we can work out pro-rated fees.

Year of birthAge groupTraining time
2014, 2013, 2012U5sSaturday 9-10am
2011U6sSaturday 9-10.30am
2010U7sSaturday 9-10.30am
2009U8sSaturday 9-10.30am
2008U9sSaturday 8.30-10am
2007U10sSaturday 8.30-10am
2006U11sSaturday 10-11.30am
2005U12sSaturday 10-11.30am
2004U13sSaturday 10-11.30am
2003U14sSaturday 11.30am-1pm
2002U15sSaturday 11.30am-1pm
2001U16sSaturday 11.30am-1pm
2000U17sSaturday 11.30am-1pm
Welcome to our club

Since 2002 we have been providing professional rugby coaching and opportunities to minis and youths. We have developed the Centaurs Way to align with World Rugby’s five values of INTEGRITY, PASSION, SOLIDARITY, DISCIPLINE and RESPECT.

Our U10s to U17s participate in the Junior Rugby Clubs Singapore ( JRCS ) league from January to June each year. For our younger age groups, there are many friendlies and tournaments arranged throughout each term.

Signing Up & Registration Fees

Sign up to Centaurs via the registration form, or come for an obligation-free, no-cost trial if you’d like to find out more about our club and our Centaurs Rugby coaching ethos.

Fees for your initial term cover coaching and club starter kit (one shirt, one pair of shorts, a pair of socks, and a bag). Running on a three-term basis, you will need to re-register each term. Each term varies in number of weeks/sessions, and the term’s fees will reflect this.

Pathway development

Our Mini-rugby development pathway follows those that have been structured, tried and tested by unions around the world. The pathway is designed to introduce 5 to 12 year olds to the skills and technical aspects of Rugby Union in a controlled and graduated environment. Playing the game at Centaurs ensures the child’s development and progression to the 15-a-side game (at U13s) is smooth and safe.

Before they begin developing their game we run a U5s squad, for 3 and 4 year olds. This group is all about motor-skill development with a rugby theme, focusing on playing games and having fun.

U10s and above are involved with competitive leagues. We enter teams at each of the U10s to U17s age groups for the
JRCS league.

U13s to U17s are taught and play the full 15-a-side game to World Rugby U19s Laws.

The Centaurs Way

We wear our yellow and blue with pride, on and beside the pitch.

Believing that an inspired child is an inspirational child, our ethos is about inspiring children through sport. Encouraging a diverse education for kids beyond academics. The attitude and commitment to a team game teaches life-long skills of integrity, discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, self-confidence and leadership, amongst other valuable traits.

Professional coaching

Your child’s coaching team will be made up of dedicated Head Coaches, Pro-Coaches, and volunteer parents. Pro-Coaches are current or ex-International and/or Premiership players based in Singapore, who teach in accordance with the latest updates to game laws and training techniques.

Each age group from U8s and above have two to three dedicated Pro-Coaches who will be fully involved in session preparation and execution.

A typical training session includes a warm-up, skills, drills and a game. All age groups at Centaurs participate in various tournaments and friendlies throughout the year.