28 – 30 May 2018 Holiday Camp

Summer holiday camps are here and to kick off our 2018 Summer Camp programme, we hosted an awesome group for 3 days over the Vesak public holiday. Here’s how our 20-strong group enjoyed three days at camp.

Day 1 – Monday

The thought of Monday morning is never a good one – unless it’s CAMP DAY! Excited, nervous and crazy – just a few ways to describe the energy as kids rocked up on the first morning. With parents gone, the fun can begin!

Starting off with a game of Capture the Flag – which still proves to be a camper favourite – the kids got straight into it! Teams were decided, and shirts were handed out. We now had our famous Chiron (blue) vs Firenze (yellow) rivalry, and it didn’t take long for everyone to adopt their team colour. Soccer was up next – a crazy game in the rain resulting in a victorious Firenze team – and then backed-up by a narrow win for Firenze again on the Netball courts. Mini-Olympics were under way with both teams showing their athletic ability in the long jump and rugby-ball shot-put rounds. After some tasty packed lunches, the squad headed into the Pit and after multiple challenges and races, Chiron came away with the win! At 3pm, the kids returned to their parents with a lot more mud and a lot less energy!

Day 2 – Tuesday

As Campers arrived on Day 2, there was no chance of “easing into it” for the Coaches as the kids wanted to go straight into some Capture the Flag, this time in their Firenze and Chiron Teams (a very mixed round with both teams winning 1 – 1). The Mini-Olympics continued with the relays and races and, finding the speedsters, it was Firenze who zoomed off into the lead. After a game of Touch Rugby, the kids were straight back into The Pit to complete orienteering challenge, the Slide & Mud Bank, as well as completing the Sedan Chair challenge. With both team displaying great teamwork and co-operation, it was Chiron who came away from Day 2 winning by 15 points.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Day 3 was our excursion day: Rock Climbing! After a little delay with the bus, we we’re off to our rock climbing adventure at SAFRA Yishun. Post-safety talk, we all got into harnesses and helmets and had a go at climbing the enormous 25m wall. It was challenging for everyone – except Coach Max who turned out to be quite the human-gecko with zero fear of heights. After the climb, we enjoyed SAFRA’s boulder room for free-climbing, endless jumping, and plenty of screaming. After two hours, we returned to Centaurs Sports Park and had lunch. After much debate and negotiation, the kids elected for another round of The Pit’s Slide & Mud Bank! To finish the camp, we ended with tug-of-war and with 20 points on offer, both teams were in it to win it. After 3-closely contested rounds, it was Firenze who ended up winning the Camp by just 5 points!

If you had school that week or had to miss out on the camp, don’t worry – we have another 8 camps this summer, with our next camp beginning Monday ,11-14 June. You can check out and sign up for upcoming Summer camp dates here: Centaurs Multisports Camps.

Active school holiday camps are offered throughout the year aligning with school holidays and long weekends. A 5-day camp costs $550 per child, with discounts offered to Centaurs members, third siblings and those who sign up for multiple camps during summer. Any questions should be forwarded to partybooking@centaursgroup.com.

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