A New Chapter for Centaurs Netball

It is bittersweet for us to announce a new chapter for Centaurs Netball today, with Karla stepping down from the Director of Netball role. After a long handover that began in January (and delayed by Covid-19!), we are pleased to announce that Mish Whiteley will be her successor and officially Director of Netball from today.

Karla has been the complete and perfect embodiment of Centaurs Netball since it started in 2017. As such, it’s fair and just to allow the rest of this announcement to be in her own words.

Before we handover to Karla, we extend the Centaurs community’s utmost and heartfelt thanks to her. For every ounce of energy and every drop of sweat (ehem, we mean “glow”) dedicated to Centaurs Netball over the last four years, thank you. Testament to her hard work, we’ve replaced 1 Karla with a team of 3 (more about your new team below)!

Karla’s Farewell message

“Tim took a huge leap of faith four years ago, expanding into a sport he had no idea about (no exaggeration), a female sport (mostly) and backing someone he had only just met (me). ‘Build it and they will come’, he said. And they did!

In January 2017, day one of Centaurs Netball. We had 1 court (not painted), 3 coaches, 27 girls, parents willing to take a punt… and a massive tropical storm that forced us under the tents beside the minis fields. A storm on day one was not the start we were looking for – but it marked the beginning! Now, almost four years later, we have two courts, 190 players who are committed and resilient and determined, over 25 dedicated and passionate coaches and an enthusiastic community of supportive parents.

Our foray onto Singapore’s youth netball scene was spirited and transformative. The addition of our club provided; opportunity for more girls to play, more teams in leagues, more tournaments and greater choice for all players. The junior netball scene in Singapore continues to grow in strength and the standard is on the rise. There has never been a better time to be a young netballer in Singapore.

Our teams have participated in leagues (with a few titles to boast), hosted many successful tournaments at our courts and other locations, played in countless series, carnivals and events, toured to Perth in WA, crossed the border to Malaysia and traveled all around Singapore catching a game wherever we could. While Corona has slowed us down a little this year, we haven’t really missed a beat. We can’t play games, but our numbers have remained strong and interest in Centaurs Netball continues to grow.

I thank all the coaches who have helped us on our journey, but must specially acknowledge our Head Coach, Jolynn Loo who has been with me and us since the beginning. A formidable leader and coach, respected by everyone and an all-round great person. Jolynn’s vision is much more than coaching netball. She aims to teach our players to be leaders, role models, team mates, accountable and gracious at all times. How to work hard and how to make that all important link between efforts and results. Jolynn has played a huge part in shaping the culture that exists in Centaurs Netball today and the club will continue to benefit from her hard work.

The Future of Centaurs Netball – Your Team

Mish Whiteley takes on my role as Director of Netball. Mish comes to Centaurs with a wealth of experience in netball coaching in Sydney, as well as administration of the Little Athletics program in Australia. She is an energy force like no other, and has injected next-level enthusiasm into our morning sessions and August & October clinics (already notoriously hard to get into!)

Mish will be ably assisted by Diane Lewis (Netball Fixtures and Events) and Holly Stegman-Lye (Netball Age Groups Manager). This is an energetic and enthusiastic team to take our young club into the next phase of growth and development. Some strong foundations have been laid and I know this team of committed professionals will build on all the hard work that has got us to here. The future of Centaurs Netball looks very bright.

You’ll continue to see me around Centaurs – I won’t be disappearing. I am staying in Singapore and will always be on hand to help out the Centaurs team. I’ll also continue to help with the coaching where I am needed.

Finally, thanks to all of you for putting your faith in me as you entrusted your children to us each week. I am extremely proud to be associated with Centaurs Netball and all that it represents. I’m particularly proud of the calibre of individuals that our club attracts and I love the many and varied cultures and nationalities that define our diverse club. Isn’t sport just the most incredible leveller? I can’t wait to see what happens next with Centaurs Netball.”

Thank you all so much, Karla Loughnan.

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