A week at Centaurs Camp

Our Easter 5 Day Camp was filled with old favourites and popular newbies – and that applies to both the kids and the activities! Here’s how 2-6 April went down at Centaurs Sports Park.

Day 1

Dramatic deaths were a highlight of lunchtime “Wink-Murder”

Everyone arrived 9am Monday morning ready for their Centaurs Camp. We started with Bullrush to warm everyone up and get everyone acquainted. After Bullrush we started with playing Capture the Flag, which turned out to be everyone’s favourite game.

Before lunch, teams were allocated (blue Chiron and yellow Firenze – the most famous of all Centaurs) in time for the first scoring game of the week: Ultimate Frisbee. As soon as the Camp t-shirts were on, team rivalries started! Over lunch (during the mandatory “in the shade time”) Wink-Murder was hot topic, with violently loud “deaths” from all involved. For the afternoon, schedule was Pit, Pit, and more Pit! After reapplying sunscreen and repellent, we introduced everyone to The Pit and its obstacles. Next, it was an introduction to our new obstacle, The Noah, the group was then split into teams for races and challenges in The Pit before going over to the Slide and Mud Bank. After exhausting everyone (coaches included) we headed back “up top” for a shower and got everything ready for 3pm pick up.

Day 2

When you Bounce too well…!

As soon as people started to arrive, a game of Bullrush popped up and we were all sliding over on the dew-touched grass. Our slippery game was short lived, however, as we were off to Bounce trampoline park for the morning – the first of two excursions on this Camp. We took a bus to Orchard and as soon as our grip socks and wristbands were on, we were off: playing dodgeball, wall running, doing flips into the big airbag and pretending to be Ninja Warriors on their course like the TV show. After Bounce, it was time to head park to Centaurs for lunch, where a game of Mafia (apparently an enhanced Wink-Murder) was played. Lunch was followed by a host of mini-Olympics events: 100m, hurdles, obstacle races and team relay races. We couldn’t finish the day without Capture the Flag, so we squeezed that in before the parents arrived.

Day 3

When our Coaches arrived on Day 3, the early-arrival kids had already set up a little game of Bullrush and were getting things going (man, they learn things fast!). After a few rounds of heated contest in Capture the Flag, scores settled Chiron 1-1 Firenze.

Some of the crew just hanging out with Coach Toby in The Pit

Football was next, with Alex scoring two goals to put his team in the lead. Next it was onto Netball, where Kara, Sophie, and Elise (who all had the added advantage of playing for Centaurs Netball) practised their coaching and umpiring skills. Lunch commenced with the scores still even between the team.

With an afternoon set aside for The Pit, the kids embarked on a 2-hour “orienteering” activity. With 14 flags placed around The Pit the two teams had to discover what letter was on each flag and then complete a sentence with the letters. Both teams did so with flying colours and had a great time in The Pit as well (Oli and Logan spent much of the time ‘slipping’ in the mud). Finally, it was back for a shower and done for another day.

Day 4

After the usual start, a game of capture the flag was set up. It turned out to be a very intense game with a couple of jail breaks and many consults of the “rule book”.

Excursion to Speed Fitness

For our second excursion, we walked down the Turf Club hill and we were straight into fun and games led by the Speed coaches. There was running noughts and crosses, agility course, tag and the children’s favourite light up wall. Today we had to throw a football against a touch sensitive wall to turn out the flights. Quickest time was the winner and the competition heated up. It was all rounded off with a game of jumping over a rope, with Ben finishing victorious. It was then up back to the pitches for lunch, and some Rounders in the sun to finish off.

Day 5

The final day of the Easter Camp is upon us and we start how we always start. After some Bullrush, the final game of Capture the Flag starts. It’s heated, there is tension and no-one wants to lose. It takes a while to get going as both teams are cautious, no-one wants to give anything away. Then it gets going and the lead sways from one team to the other. There’s lots of jail breaks as teams forget the jail in their quest for capturing the other teams rugby balls. After a good hour’s play, it is down to one ball for Chiron to win, Firenze have 5 people in jail so the inevitable happens! Following that last intense game, “Snack” is called and the coaches set up the last few games.

Team Chiron working together on Crocodile River

Crocodile River and Nuclear Rescue are played, with each team needing to work together to beat the clock and the other team. After everyone is tired of moving tyres to escape the crocs and pulling rope so as not to cause a nuclear blast, we sit down to enjoy a well-earned lunch. The Pit follows and everyone is eager to go in one last time. Everyone flies over the obstacles as they know exactly what to do, everyone enjoys the last few games and races. The camp ends with everyone looking happy and certainly ready for a weekend of rest (most of all the coaches!!).

Centaurs Camps are offered throughout the year aligning with school holidays and some long weekends. A 5 day camp costs $550 per child, with discounts offered to Centaurs members, third siblings and those who sign up for multiple camps in a year. Find out more on centaurskids.com  

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