Bali Tour Report

Centaurs returned victorious from their weekend in Bali. Here’s the Tour report from Coach Colin “Kip” Ip.

In the advertising blurb the “Inaugural Bali Junior Rugby Tournament” was “being hailed as a major breakthrough in the development of junior rugby in Indonesia”. Thankfully that was the only breakthrough that weekend as Mount Agung threatened to re-enact John Belushi’s famous “I’m a zit,” scene.

It was also the inaugural overseas tour outing of the new Centaurs polo shirts… the inconspicuousness of the shirts were tested, and failed, subtle these shirts are not!

DSC_909414 Centaurs lads, 6 from the U12 and 8 from the U11s – representing a deadly combination of speed, skill, size, stamina, and strength – undertook minutes of rigorous training the weekend before under the expert guidance of Paul Rimmer. Just as well we had 14 players as we had initially entered two teams into the tournament but were then told by the organisers, jointly hosted by Rugby Development Bali and Jakarta Komodo Dragons, they had changed the format from 10s to 7s! How convenient, no need to pack the stopwatch to time when subs were to be brought on.

The two Centaurs teams, each with 3 from the U12s and 4 from the U11s, were split into two pools, and each pool containing teams from Rugby Development Bali, Jakarta Komodo Dragons, and Jogia. What Indonesian players lack in playing time and experience, they certainly made it up in tenacity, quick feet and handling, and enthusiastic play! It was impressive to see our seasoned lads put to the test by the three clubs. Only sheer gritty determination, belligerent grunt upfront, flair, and creative panache did both Centaurs teams clear their pool games undefeated. Both teams won their cup semi finals games, and ended up playing each other in the Cup Final.


The pitch was at Finns Recreation Club (ex Canngu Club). All the rugby was played in the morning, leaving the lads to enjoy an impressive waterpark next to the club house, whilst the dad’s and coaches dissected each game courtesy of Coach Bintang, and the mums dissected each game via spas and shopping. Fun was had at the team dinner on Saturday night, the shirts making an impact with various Daughters of the Night, and a certain U12s’ dad picking up the Numpty Award. Let’s just say there would have been more photos from the tour, but for… sorry, i’ve forgotten what he’d forgotten…


Well done the 14 lads, their parents and the coaches for making the effort for this tour. Great to see the lads mix it up with each other and playing as one squad, two teams (very HK SAR speak there). Superb ambassadors for youth rugby and Centaurs club by not only showing casing great rugby skills but also displaying great sportsmanship.

A well organised tournament and a great venue for next year’s U10s and U12s.

As they would say in Bali, it was all “baik”!

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