Ben Ting: Director of Touch

Ben in action, May 2018. Photo: Touch SG

Centaurs is excited to announce Ben Ting as our new Director of Touch from September 2018. With an impressive Touch Football CV and plenty of vision for our growing Touch section, it’s certainly an exciting time for our coaches, players and the Centaurs Group team. Welcome Ben!

Ben’s Touch Credentials

Ben played rugby throughout school and university when he lived in Scotland and transitioned to playing Touch after returning to Asia almost 20 years ago.

He played Touch competitively with the Wanderers in the early 2000s and represented Singapore in the 2003 Touch World Cup in the Mixed Open category.

Despite injury set backs over the years, Ben continues to return to playing Touch competitively and enjoys contributing to the sport in a development and coaching capacity.

Over the past two years, he has played and supported the development of Touch at Bucks Touch and he is currently training with the preliminary Men’s Over 30s squad in preparation for the 2019 Touch World Cup.

A New Direction for Centaurs Touch

At Centaurs, Ben would like to make Touch more accessible to all (young and old) and will work with the coaching team, club and community to tailor programs to cater to the development needs of the players to improve their skill sets and understanding of the game.

With this, it is hoped that social players will enjoy the game more and competitive players will be better equipped to compete against the top teams in competition across categories.

With Ben on board, it’s an exciting and opportune time to get involved in Centaurs Touch. If you’d like to know more about opportunities with our teams or to arrange a free trial, contact Ben at

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