Birthday Parties at The Pit

All the fun, mud and adventure for kids -
none of the hassle for you

Pit Parties From $580 + GST

We are huge believers in the outdoors, and believe kids are happiest when they build resilience overcoming obstacles.

Our parties are suitable for boys and girls, ages 6 to 12. Whether you’ve got rough ’n tough kids or a cautious bunch, we tailor our parties to suit age and ability.

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Pit Parties Format

15 Mins Before Pit Party
Party hosts arrive + Instructors set up
First Hour
Warm up & Team Games
Second Hour
Team Challenges in The Pit
After (Around 20 mins)
Kids wash up + Instructors leave
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Best outdoor birthday party for kids

Pit Parties combine outdoor games and team challenges with obstacle courses and mud at our unique birthday party venue, The Pit.

We’ve been celebrating birthdays, leaving dos, class parties and team-building events here since 2005.

Our parties are suitable for ages 6 to 13. Minimum age is 6 due to the difficulty of obstacles.

What’s Included

Not Provided
Take Note

Info for Parents & Guests


No Shoes, No Pit

Supportive, closed in shoes are essential for all guests & parents going into The Pit. No shoes, no entry – please remind your guests to avoid disappointment.

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What Happens If It Rains...

If it’s just rain we’ll continue as normal – more mud more fun!

If it’s storming, we stop games on the field / in The Pit and retreat under the tents for safety. We have a “15-minutes since last strike” policy. We have fun games to play under the tent during this time, and go back out to our games/The Pit when we can.

Our staff keep a close eye on weather apps and if a storm looks like it’s coming, we’ll do The Pit section of the party first as this is the most important part!

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Party slots are limited and fill up fast

Feel free to reach out with any questions