Centaurs at SCC Academy 7s

Saturday marked the end of 2 weekends of hotly contested 7s rugby at the annual SCC 7s, with 10 of the 34 Centaurs Rugby teams taking part going on to win their respective finals.

Special mention goes to the U9s, U10s and U14s for winning their Cup finals, along with U11s who were incredibly unlucky to draw their Cup final 10-10, only to lose out on the technical decision (first try wins).

Age GroupFinal OppositionResultTitle
U5TRC(W) 10-5Bowl Winner
U6 SharksCentaurs Wolverines(W) 10-10Bowl Winner
U6 WolverinesCentaurs Sharks(L) 10-10Bowl Runner Up
U7SCC(L) 20-5Bowl Runner Up
U8TRC(W) 10-5Plate Winner
U9SCC(W) 15-5Cup Winner
U10 DaredevilsSCC(L) 0-5Bowl Runner Up
U10 ArchersSCC(W) 15-5Cup Winner
U11SCC(L) 10-10Cup Runner Up
U12 CavaliersTRC(L) 15-5Bowl Runner Up
U12 ArchersTRC(W) 25-0Plate Winner
U13TRC(W) 15-5Bowl Winner
U14Saints(W) 24-0Cup Winner
U15Titans(W) 12-7Bowl Winner
U17 ArchersTitans(L) 0-20Bowl Runner Up
U17 BuccaneersDragons(W) 10-7Shield Winner

Focus now moves on to the 12th edition of our very own Centaurs International Mini & Youth Rugby Tournament (CIMYRT).

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