Wuhan Coronavirus – Precautions for Centaurs

We are aware of the concern over the 2019-nCov / Wuhan Coronavirus and the directives of MOE & various international schools.

In light of this and the interests of the well-being of our community, our current policy for Centaurs Rugby & Netball is the following (effective immediately):


1) you or a family member have travelled to mainland China in the past 14 days, and/or

2) you have had visitors from mainland China staying with / visiting you over the past 14 days

we ask that you self-impose a 14-day quarantine effective from the date of leaving China / your guests leaving and do not attend Centaurs training within this quarantine period.

(3) We additionally ask that you take precautions to monitor your own and your child’s health prior to attending Centaurs training. If unwell, do not attend Centaurs training and seek appropriate medical attention.

MOE Leave of Absence Recommendations

These three precautions apply to all players, coaches, parents and staff – anyone present at Centaurs.

Here is the Leave of Absence for Schools from MOE to reference the quarantine period recommendations.

We will continue to monitor MOE, MOH, and various international school policies, and will update our policy accordingly.

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