Centaurs’ Guide to the Singapore Sevens

Here at Centaurs we take our rugby seriously, and our fun even more so. Here’s our guide to the Rock, Ruck and Rumble of this weekend’s HSBC Singapore Sevens, our local event in the global 7s Rugby series.

All 2017 images courtesy of HSBC Singapore Facebook Page.

1. Get a group and get your tickets now!

The Sevens offers a great day out for friends, family and kids, so get a group together and get your tickets before you go. The whole weekend has a party atmosphere, with a Funzone for kids, live music, even headline act The Village People (!!) playing before Cup 3rd and 4th playoff games on Sunday. Buy tickets through SportsHub and check the Seven’s social media for active promotion codes.

2017 fans dressed as departing Centaurs coach Dan Condon

2. Back a country… and then have a backup!

One of the best things about the Sevens is that it can be unpredictable – no one was expecting a Canada v USA final last year, yet the crowd were suddenly passionately divided for the game. Support your home country, adopt a team for the weekend, back the underdog – whichever you do, get behind a country and cheer as loud as you can.

Coach Kip!

3. Dress the part

Costumes are one of the best things about the Sevens. The more creative and colourful, the better, and with families and groups the combos are endless (e.g. The Flintstones, The Incredibles, Simpsons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Minions are all popular). If you’re not game for a full costume, a crowd section wearing the same thing is noticeable and fun. Our Centaurs Orchid shirts are perfect for spectating in, or your yellow jersey is easy to pick out of the crowd. Who knows, you might be featured on next year’s ads?

Centaurs spotted in the crowds AND ads!

4. Learn the words

Sweet Caroline, Delilah, Hey! Baby. Sevens classics that’ll be played again and again over the weekend, so join the stadium-strong karaoke and sing your heart out. If you’ve got Spotify, this playlist is a good place to start:

5. Research the series

We’re used to playing 10s or 15s here at Centaurs, so you may need to top up your knowledge of 7s rules (it’s OK, we won’t tell). As a series, there’s plenty of news and opinion out there on teams, players, rivalries and “ones to watch” – World Rugby is a great place to start. Once you’ve got it all covered, plan your weekend schedule around the Fixtures.


6. Bring a pen…

Often when a team finishes their game, they’ll do a lap of the stadium and give the fans some time – and for the prepared, this means selfies and autographs! Bring a pen and memento for the players to sign – a rugby ball or shirt covered in signatures would be a great thing to hold onto.

So, that’s the Centaurs Guide to the Singapore Sevens! When this weekend arrives, have a ball (no pun intended) and enjoy Singapore’s biggest rugby event. It’s a great opportunity for our young Centaurs to see live rugby and to embrace all that spectator sport has to offer – see you there!

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