Centaurs Haze Policy

Haze Policy Singapore – in line with school policies

Centaurs Haze Policy for training and games is the following, taking guidance from MOE and international school policies in Singapore. FAQs on PSI, PM2.5 readings and more are explained on the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s website.

Centaurs’ location on the NEA map would be considered “Central”.

Haze monitoring process:

First check: 24-hour PSI readings for Central Singapore
Second check: 1h PM2.5 readings for Central Singapore
Third check: review any advice from the NEA
Fourth check: look at actual conditions on site – if they appear more severe than NEA’s readings indicate, make our own call on whether to proceed with training

Thresholds for decision-making:

Centaurs decisions will be made if readings for either 24-hour PSI OR 1-hour PM2.5 exceed the thresholds outlined below:

24-hour PSI reading1-hour 2.5PM readingAction
100 or above 150 or above Training will be modified to prevent sustained vigorous activity.
150 or above 200 or above Training will be cancelled.


The above thresholds are club-wide policies, and we do our best to provide training sessions while making sure safety is the paramount concern. Parents are the best people to determine their own child’s health and wellbeing needs. If you do not believe current PSI or PM ratings are suitable for your child, please feel free to make that call and not attend training.

Communication of decisions:

Decisions will be communicated via TeamSnap. For morning training sessions, a message will be sent to Clubs via TeamSnap before 7.30am. For afternoon netball training sessions, a message will be sent via Teamsnap before 2.30pm. If you do not hear from us, assume training / games are continuing ahead as usual.

FAQs Answered:

Where are you getting these readings and thresholds from? Centaurs use readings supplied by NEA as displayed in real-time on their dedicated weather and haze app myEnv (this is available for download by the public). We can also cross-reference this with the information on NEA’s dedicated Haze page (https://www.haze.gov.sg/). We recommend you download this app for useful weather and PSI readings and predictions.

Why are you not following AQI readings on sites such as aqicn.org? These websites and readings rely on NEA data to make its calculations, but it has a different calculation system. NEA have explained why the readings are different in their FAQs (number 21) here. We will take our readings from the source (NEA), which are locally calculated with local needs in mind.

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