Centaurs’ New Code of Conduct

This was something we’d been working on for a little while: a revised, simplified code of conduct for our Rugby & Netball clubs. Timely, too, that this is ready to be shared as we move back into competitive and more “normal” sport.

A code of conduct helps to guide decision-making, and helps actualise our values. Writing it involved a bit of soul-searching, and thinking about what issues that can and could arise within our Clubs.

The result was a fairly different approach to other code of conducts we’ve seen; rather than a list of “dos and don’ts”, we decided that its user could take more of a personal responsibility here, asking themselves three questions:

Is it enjoyable?
Is it safe?
Is it respectful?

These three, broad questions help our members to align most closely with the Club’s overall values of making sport inclusive, inspirational, and life-long. These questions could be asked by any player, coach, parent, volunteer, or staff member. They apply in training or game settings, friendlies or competitions, in our conduct online and in our communication with one another.

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