Centaurs Rugby’s Campaign at the TRC Cups!

SCRUMS, LINEOUTS, RUCKS and MAULS!! For the rugby purists, the return of rugby proper at the recent TRC Cups competitions was a heartwarming sight.

First up was the TRC Junior Cup featuring our U6-10s, in what was for many their first experience of a rugby tournament. And while the emphasis is firmly on enjoyment over results, there was still a healthy competitive element on display throughout all the games. Sadly, the fantastic scenes of Day 1 were somewhat dampened by the torrential rains on Day 2 which led to the tournament being called off.

Much credit must go to Singapore Cricket Club and the wider rugby community who banded together to reschedule the called off games the following weekend.

It’s often said the minis age-groups are the tributaries that feed into the heart of the club. A strong minis section, means a strong club overall. So, a big thank you to our dedicated minis coaches for ensuring that the correct values and skills are being imparted on our young players during these key years.

Next up was the TRC Cup featuring our U11-17. These age groups are where many coaches and players begin to see the fruition of their hard work and dedication. For some it is the promise of what is still to come, while for others it is the penultimate year of their journey. But for all age groups it is agreed that this year’s TRC Cup was hugely successful both on and off the field.

On-field results spoke for themselves with all six age-groups reaching finals, eventually winning 3 Cups and 1 Plate. Notable mentions go to our U13s who failed to concede a try all tournament and our U15s, who started Day 1 with only 16 players. Both teams went on to win their respective Cup finals.

Off the field, there were a number of moments where the Centaurs spirit truly shone through, none more so than with our U12s. Having seen their teammates, the Centaurs Grizzlies slain in their semi-final by TRC, the Centaurs Wolverines were spurred on to victory, beating TRC 10-0 in a tense final. After collecting their winners’ medals and enjoying their moment on the podium, each U12 player then sought out a Grizzlies teammate and passed their winners’ medal to them. A truly touching moment in recognition that we are more than just a one team; we are one club.

A big thank you goes out to Tanglin Rugby Club and all the committee involved in organising what were truly two very high standard tournaments. Your effort and dedication is greatly appreciated. To all our members, next stop – SCC 7s!

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