Christmas Message from Centaurs Founder, Tim

Dear Fellow Centaurians,

Positive Teamwork Across The Board

Whilst collecting my thoughts before writing this wrap, my head has been scurrying through the year that was 2021, scavenging to retrieve the good stuff. Rushing hither and thither through wild unpredictability. Seeking, searching, looking for the positives. Through the quagmire of rules and regulations, advisories and controls, the ‘tell-tales’ and the reprimands, and the stop/start ride that was 2021, I did find positives, and fabulous ones at that:

  • My colleagues within the Centaurs Group office have been awesome throughout the year! Working tirelessly through frustrations of a constantly-changing landscape as dictated by the Multi Ministry Task Force, and SportSG, to keep sport and active, outdoor recreation on the agenda of your children. We are a close knit team, much multi-tasking and a great deal of mutual support and idea sharing, ensuring Centaurs can put on the best we can during these troubled and difficult times.
  • All our active member kids, bearing up with small groups, having to cope without competition, missing certain aspects of training that they weren’t allowed to undertake but kept coming back to be involved, to see their friends, and to be outdoors and healthy. What fantastic kids you all are.

  • Our coaches, the pros and the parents. Returning week in week out; coaching, mentoring, giving kids the opportunity to remain engaged. Being there for them. Without you, your dedication, your understanding of how important keeping these kids active is, and your empathy means these kids can still thrive and keep their love for being active in sport.

  • Our groundsman, Najim, who hasn’t been home to his wife for nearly 3 years, has spent every day on site, keeping the Centaurs Sports Park beautifully operational for us all.
  • And of course all the parents for keeping faith in us, supporting us, keeping the clubs and the Kids Activities (the parties and camps) sustainable through the year. This support and faith is massively recognised and respected, and has been very necessary whilst we managed our way through a minefield of rules, regulations and restrictions.

My immense gratitude and thanks to you all.

Keeping the tone of positivity, I look ahead at 2022 with all of its knowns and unknowns. From its potential Covid-driven hurdles and banana skins, to its hope, its desire, its demand, and its resolve to return to competitive sport and preparing us all for such a needed return towards an unrestricted life.

The 4 Lambert boys.

Next year sees Centaurs turn 20. Twenty years ago I started a Mini-rugby club, the first fully-fledged open junior club in Singapore, because I wanted my  youngest son Tristan to get involved in rugby, like his older siblings, who had started in Hong Kong. Tristan is now 25 and still playing rugby, for the Bank of England club in London. My eldest son Charlie, now 32, went on to win caps for Singapore at 15s and 7s, and now playing club rugby in Auckland.Whilst number two son Luke (30), also in London, moved across to football, currently a goalkeeper, but keeping his hands on the ball (bad pun). And Ben is watching over everything very, very closely.



Yes, sport means a great deal to me, however Centaurs means so much more, especially now we have added the hugely successful Netball club to the Group; especially through the kids parties & camps we run, and combining those ‘especiallys’, because of the people we turn out, no matter what level they go onto play sport at. It is their journey, their friendships forged, their life-skills learned, their networks created, their lives we have contributed to in both small and large ways. And long will we continue to offer what we do, Turf City leases or not, we will find a new home or homes even………we love what we do.

So, 2002 to 2022…………. the first 20 years.

This Christmas and New Year break, the first time many of us can see loved ones missed for months/years, is a time to be with family and friends, to reflect and find the positives, to hold onto the belief that we’ll get there, eventually and together.

Wishing everyone, extended families too, a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year.

Tim Lambert
Centaurs CEO & Founder

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