CIMYRT 2018 Wrap

We loved bringing you the 11th edition of the CIMYRT last weekend and hope you all had as much fun as we did.

An extremely compact schedule, accommodating 158 teams, approximately 2,000 players across 13 age groups on 3 playing fields in less than 24 game-hours playing over 450 matches is no mean feat!! Miraculously fine weather meant we avoided match cancellations, which allowed the day to run smoothly and to schedule. It was also our first year to host girls rugby matches.

Firstly my immense thanks go to all the players from overseas (HK, Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia) and Singapore, their coaches and parents too, for gracing this tournament. I hope you leave with great memories and a continued love for the sport of rugby. It is not always about the results although success is always a target. Nonetheless, whether a winner or not, taking part with your mates, against your mates and with your parents in attendance is success in itself.

Instrumental in pulling off the CIMYRT 2018 were the members of the Centaurs Event management team. My sincere thanks go to:

  • Sarah & Bryan Coole, Mel Kennaway and Charlie Lambert who ensured that their schedule ran to time, issues were addressed and rectified immediately, and thus ensured the U5s to U10s on the Mini-fields had a tournament experience to remember.
  • Running the 2 larger fields, pitches 1 to 6 for the U11s to U17s is arguably an easier task given most players have attended more tournaments and understand standard tournament procedure. Thanks go to Brandon Atkinson, my wingman in the Tower, who has “never stood for so many hours” yet ensured we were on top of matters when our age groups’ matches and announcements overlapped.
  • Nick Dance, Centaurs’ outgoing Director of Rugby ably supported by Paul Heneghan, co-ordinated the refereeing requirements with professional aplomb. Our huge thanks and respect to all the referees, those from the Singapore Society of Rugby Union Referees (SSRUR) with the U9s and older, and the parent refs managing the U8s and younger.
  • Charlotte (“Charli”) Bromley for her focused and enthusiastic co-ordination of our Community Engagement programme, liaising with our videographers, photographers and still finding time to assist with medal distribution. A huge job requiring constant attention to all that is going on, and which she carried out with a constant smile.
  • The physios from City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy in tandem with the medics of Ambulance Medical Services ensured all types of injuries were addressed and managed professionally and with due care
  • Mag Ng, her children Megan and Mark, and Yati van Hoorik with daughter Sophia who together managed the Merchandise stall with smiles and professionalism
  • And far from last and least, Di Hutchinson, the Event Manager, who not only co-ordinated much of the Task Management processes in the lead up to the weekend but also looked after vendors, medics, physios and was our go-to person for any TeamSnap Tournament issues. A splendid job done and executed with calm coolness as always!

Participating in large sporting events such as the CIMYRT nurtures camaraderie amongst players and parents. These events will always have their fair share of emotion. They can stimulate big grins as well as tears; create pride and teach humility; nurture integrity, passion and teamwork. But above all, the participants learn respect; for the opposition, for their teammates, for the officials, and for all that is the sport of rugby. New friendships are made, existing ones nurtured, and together all are well met. Rugby is a great sport for establishing life-long friendships. Wherever one roams there is always a club with an open door; playing, reminiscing or just to feel welcomed; a part of a far bigger global club.

Until next time, may I thank everyone again for being a part of the CIMYRT 2018.

Very best wishes,

Tim Lambert
Centaurs Group

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