Change in Leadership: Director of Rugby 2019

Outgoing Director of Rugby, Nick Dance (2012-2018)

“After 9 years with the club and 6 years as Director of Rugby (DoR), Nick “Dancer” Dance is returning to England with his family at the end of the year. I have known Nick for over 10 years and we have shared many and varied rugby antics together, and will continue to do so at the RWC Japan 2019 for starters. Nick has been the club’s 4th DoR and during his tenure has been instrumental in not only driving forward our success on the park but also managing the many administrative responsibilities the role commands. I am extremely grateful to him for all he has brought to the club.”

– Tim Lambert, Centaurs Group CEO

“Having joined Centaurs as a “Pro Coach” in 2009 and then being offered the role of Director of Rugby from 2012, it has been great to see the development of players in their rugby careers – and especially great to see players in age groups I coached to go on to represent their various countries in their age groups.

Centaurs has been an important part of my life here in Singapore, and will be missed – however – it is not “good bye”, just an “au revoir” for now. I will be back regularly to see how things are progressing – and sticking my beak in when necessary! What a fantastic set up the club is and it’s been great to see the club grow from just Rugby, to Touch, and now Netball – encompassing all ages with knowledgeable experts in their field.

I count myself as extremely fortunate to be a part of this fantastic club for so long, and wish everyone well for the future.”

– Nick Dance

Incoming Director of Rugby, Charlie Lambert (2019)

“Dancer’s replacement will be my eldest son, Charlie Lambert. An Old Centaurian, ex-Durham Uni player, and Singapore 15s and 7s International from as long ago as 2008, a past coach with Centaurs and Tanglin Trust School, and a current Director of Centaurs Group. Charlie has been managing the facilities at Centaurs Park, from bookings to maintenance, and will now focus his efforts towards driving the rugby club to greater heights.”

– Tim Lambert, Centaurs Group CEO

“Taking over from Nick Dance’s wide size 7s is a daunting task but one that I am very much looking forward to. He laid the foundation for what Centaurs Rugby is all about and I hope to be able to push us forward with more success on and off the field, fostering an environment that all players, parents and coaches enjoy being a part of and look forward to coming down to on a Saturday morning.

I come into this role with real excitement having seen the club grow from strength to strength since playing as a Centaur back in 2004-2007. I hope to be able to bring a few new ideas and direction for the Rugby club for us to remain a leading force in youth rugby.”

– Charlie Lambert

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