Rugby’s End of Year Wrap for 2020

Centaurs Rugby Singapore’s End of 2020 Wrap

Dear Rugby Members,

Well, we’re here, at the end of 2020 – the year we’d love to forget. After all that’s happened, it would be easy to recall moments of disruption, shutdown, and restriction. A year of “no”s, “don’t”s and “cannot”s. To reflect on how “tough we’ve done it” and the sacrifices everyone has made…

…But that is not in our nature or the Centaurs Spirit!

Yes, 2020 saw all leagues, tournaments and tours cancelled, robbing us of opportunities to make lasting memories with friends. Rubbing salt in the wound, our U17s graduated their final year at Centaurs without having played a game. We also saw a number of dear friends and members leave the red dot, some through natural attrition but others directly resulting from Covid-19’s toll on the economy.

But, in so many respects, 2020 has been surprisingly generous with positives and opportunities, for which I am immensely grateful:

1. Our incredibly patient members

“Unprecedented times” was the theme for 2020 which often saw the club having to negotiate complete unknowns. But throughout it all, our members were incredibly patient and understanding, even with the 7.30am start times (sorry U8s). SafeEntry processes, moving some sessions to Sundays, having your TeamSnap updated, and all the “are we on/are we off?” back in Term 1 – the parents were so brilliant at responding and supporting us in chaos. Thank you!

2. Our dedicated coaches

This huge team of head, parent, pro and junior coaches, as well as team managers and volunteers. Without the dedication of our coaches giving up their weekends to ensure that every group of 5 kids had an opportunity learn about this wonderful sport, none of this would have been possible. You are the foundation upon which this wonderful club is built.

3. Our inspiring kids

Never underestimate the resolve of these kids. No matter what 2020 threw at them, they just took it in their stride and came to training every week with a smile and joyful enthusiasm that energised everyone at the club. We’re so impressed by their commitment and proud to call these players true ambassadors of the Centaurs spirit.

4. Our Centaurs team

What an incredible group of people to work with! Inspiring, dedicated and focused on one goal: to provide an opportunity for kids to get outdoors and have fun. Whether it be rugby, netball or our multi-sports activities and camps, a healthy child is an active child and throughout 2020 that has been Centaurs’ focus.

So what next for 2021?

With the announcement that Singapore is moving to Phase 3 and the roll out of vaccinations for Singaporeans and long term residents, there is growing hope that we will have a gradual return to normality in 2021. While we remain optimistic, I urge everyone to remain patient and cautious. Even in the uncertainty that is ahead, we are certain of one thing: that the Centaurs Rugby community is stronger than ever and ready for whatever lies ahead.

As we await some additional news from SportSG about how Phase 3 changes affect us, it is unlikely that this is the last you’ll hear from us! However, as is right to close an End of Year Wrap, we’ll sign off with this anyway:

Enjoy the break, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you in 2021,

Sean Goh
Director of Rugby

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