Farewell, Clare (Kids Parties & Camps)

A big change is happening for our Kids (Parties & Camps) section. After nearly three years in the Kids role, Clare Humphreys will be stepping away from Centaurs ahead of her childrens’ school exams and university adventures.

Clare experienced less than a year of “normal” before the pandemic hit, during which she has practically reinvented the Centaurs Camp and Pit Party formats to comply with rapidly-changing covid regulations.

With our “getting kids back in the trees” ethos as a foundation, Clare approached the challenges with imagination, resolve, and absolute focus on the kids having fun and being safe. She has delivered sell-out camps that kids and parents love, and ensured fully-booked birthday party schedules month in, month out. She has been responsible for the health, safety, and happiness of thousands of children from all walks of life, mentored countless young adults in leadership, and helped make our offering more inclusive and diverse.

Thank you Clare!

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