Interview: Club President, Robbo

He’s known by some as “the shouty man”, and others “the man with the hat”. We know him as Robbo, and he’s our Rugby Club President. We asked him some questions, and he responded.

How long have you been with Centaurs, Robbo?

“I’ve been coaching at Centaurs since… well, since Tim used to operate the desk at the Mini pitches, the grass field was a carpark and artificial turf (CFD) was a next-gen concept… a while now. I got involved early on in the Club’s 15 years, and signed my daughter Issy up for Touch when she was old enough. Now she’s all grown up at university, and I’m still with Centaurs!”

Why are you still with Centaurs?

“Firstly, I enjoy a good yell first thing Sat morning!” (Robbo regularly runs the Saturday warm up on the Minis, channelling his military roots to organise hundreds of kids). “Honestly, over the years at Centaurs it has been a real privilege to be part of the development of so many kids as they came through the Minis and also watching their progression as they made the leap to contact. I have also enjoyed watching so many Dads and some Mums get involved in coaching, being part of their development and seeing the absolute enjoyment as they see the impact they have on kids and rugby in Singapore.”

Do you still play?

“Yes, I play and coach with Wanderers 3rds and Vets. I was playing Touch for Centaurs Warhorses for a while there. I coach and referee too… an excellent way for putting back into the game that I loved as a kid and during my 20s.”

What has rugby taught you over the years?

“Rugby for me has always been about mates…new, old, mates of mates…story telling, being grounded but most of all providing a solid basis for living….result is not always going to go your way but if you have had a crack and able to have a laugh after….doesn’t get much better…!”

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