Jungle Cross debuts new course: 2017 Race 1 review

Jungle CrossAdapted from Second Wind Magazine ‘Junaidi wins again as Jungle Cross debuts new course’, published 15 February 2017. Read the full article here

Jungle Cross returned to the Centuars Jungle Trail at Turf City on Sunday with a raft of new features but it was a pair of familiar names that took the major honours, as Junaidi Hashim (Team Awano) triumphed in the Men’s Mountain Bike Open and Tim Clarsen (Specialized Mavericks) won the Cyclocross Open.

A joint venture between Cycosports and the Centaurs Group, the 2017 Jungle Cross Series will feature six races this year, up one from 2016, but the biggest change is a vastly improved course. An extensive program of trail works down in The Pit, the jungle-filled ravine that gives the series its name, has seen the loop for the mountain bikers extended to 3.4km in distance, up from 1.9km. In addition to creating a more challenging test for local racers, the course is now long enough to be eligible for UCI certification, meaning it has the potential to be used for the Singapore National Championships, and who knows, international events.

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