Marcus’ Early Years at Centaurs


Marcus Smith is attracting attention not only whenever he plays but also off the park too. Many commentators, his peer group, the press and friends are following the progress of this amazing talent with keen and avid interest. And rightly so!

As the founder and owner of Centaurs Rugby in Singapore, established in 2002 and the oldest junior club in Singapore, I’d like to offer a little colour on Marcus Smith’s introductory years to rugby. Singapore is not a country that springs to mind when thinking or talking about rugby but over the past 15 years its junior rugby club scene has grown from 1 club in 2002 to 8 current junior clubs, co-ordinated by the Junior Rugby Clubs of Singapore (JRCS).

Marcus came to Singapore from Manila with his family in early 2006 as a 6 year old and almost immediately was enrolled with his younger brothers Luc and Tomas at Centaurs Rugby.23843336_10156258167303968_4073849377736109243_n Marcus, his talent and skills apparent from an early age, played up an age grade throughout almost all his 6 years with Centaurs. His coaches Paul Stephens, Brett Wright, Ross Wilson and Stephen Wilson, all with sons amongst the boys they coached, were instrumental in nurturing talent and developing skills in what was a very strong squad of boys, progressing with regular success through the age groups. This squad was very close; a camaraderie forged over time by the encouragement of skilled coaches, themselves rugby men through and through.

Marcus was predominantly a scrum half in these early years but could adapt to any backline position as required. He inspired by example. I recall a few occasions where his foresight and quick-thinking rugby-brain, coupled with sublime skills, would help win crucial matches.

Centaurs is humbled and very proud to have had Marcus in its ranks for a few years. His calm, almost laid back personality, his confidence and self-belief without arrogance endears him to his peers and people he meets. He is an example to many young players, especially those in Asia, that no matter what where you start, dreams can be achieved. All at Centaurs, current and Old Centaurians, are following his journey very closely, wishing him the very best of luck with his rugby career.”

Tim Lambert

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