Meet Mish, our new Director of Netball

After this weekend off and catching our breath before Term 3B, we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to your new Director of Netball, Mish!

“Let me start by saying I am so excited to be part of the Centaurs family! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this and for creating something so wonderful to inherit as the new Director of Netball. Karla and the team have driven this club to be – in my eyes – the most sought after Netball club in Singapore. Her ambitions to elevate netball in Singapore and better players, the club and community are really admirable and I am excited to continue this further in my role.

So how has my journey brought me to Centaurs Netball and how has sport as a young woman defined me today?

My childhood was spent in a seemingly endless number of team practices, weekend games of netball and athletic all-star teams, and year-round travel ball tournaments. I eagerly awaited the end of one sports season and the beginning of the next; the flow from cool winter evening netball practices and halftime oranges to sun kissed shoulders from mornings on the tracks to afternoons catching waves during the hot Australian Summers. Playing sports gave me the tools I needed to succeed in Junior School, High School, entrance into fashion design, and even in the professional workplace. Not only that, but it also provided me with a core group of friends that understood a part of me not very many others did, making the transition through young adulthood that much easier.

My life seems to have had a flow on from my young sporting adventures, competing at elite, national levels in school sports to acquiring my first job in a highly sought after fashion company. My employer at the time said to me “if you have these sporting credentials, you are a team player and for that you have the job”!! Many years down the track my husband Mark and myself brought three bouncing babies into our world. Once again, I found my early sporting years pivotal in how we raise our children.

Having two girls in the family it was a natural progression that netball was going to become a big factor of our lives, the coaching hat inevitable!! And to that I found myself back in the cold brisk mornings at Curl Curl netball courts taking on the coach’s roll watching and admiring my little netters starting their netball journey. A journey like mine can have a profound effect on their bright future.

Like Karla and our inspirational coaches, my philosophy at Centaurs is not only about sport. It’s about empowering our girls, building confidence through sport, commitment, drive, friendships, health, teamwork, leadership and most of all respect for each and every one of our Centaurs community.

So far, my involvement with Centaurs has been nothing but inspirational. My drive is to further develop and solidify Centaurs Netball and its place in Singapore, and with the guidance of Karla, and the continued support of Di and Holly I’m really looking forward to what lies ahead for our blossoming Centaurs Netball community.”

– Mish Whiteley, incoming Director of Netball

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