FOR GIRLS 7 to 16

On our own netball courts in the heart of Turf City, we play with heart and pride in our yellow and blue.


Term 1: 18 January – 28 March (11 weeks)
Term 2: 18 April – 20 June (10 weeks)
Term 3: 22 August – 5 December (16 weeks)

Registrations accepted mid-term, pro-rated.


Rain & lightning policy:
Always assume training is ON. In the case of extreme weather resulting in training cancellation, a message will be sent via TeamSnap to each affected age group. Cancellation of training for one age group does not mean training is cancelled for another.


Our teams train on the Centaurs Netball courts at Centaurs Sports Park.


U8s (2012)8.00-9.00am
U9s (2011)8.00-9.30am
U10s (2010)9.30-11.00am
U11s (2009)9.30-11.00am
U12s (2008)3.30-5.00pm
U13s (2007)3.30-5.00pm
U14s (2006)5.00-6.30pm
U15s (2005)5.00-6.30pm
U16s (2004)5.00-6.30pm


Centaurs has a comprehensive haze policy taking guidance from MOE and international school practices.

View our Haze Policy


End of Year Wrap! Netball 2019

Another massive term for our Centaurs netballers to wind up three successful years since our inception. Term 3 is the competition term for junior netball in Singapore and Centaurs had a whopping 14 teams competing in the SGNA Cup, the Sport Ready junior league and the ANZA Accelerator series. The Centaurs girls played in over…

rugby haze policy

Centaurs Haze Policy

Haze Policy Singapore – in line with school policies Centaurs Haze Policy for training and games is the following, taking guidance from MOE and international school policies in Singapore. FAQs on PSI, PM2.5 readings and more are explained on the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s website. Centaurs’ location on the NEA map would be considered “Central”….

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Netball Term 2 2019

Another massive term at Centaurs Netball! Our U7, U8 and U9 groups had some fun at AIS against the Sharks and then were the perfect hosts when these groups came down to Centaurs. We can look forward to joining the Sharks at their end-of-season tournament early in Term 3. Our U11s and U12s were kept…