Netball’s End of Year Wrap 2021


Dear Centaurs Netball family,

If last year’s covid storm was uncharted waters, then this year has been a veritable hurricane! As the covid storm continued to throw us around like a netball on the seas, we’ve bounced back and held steadfast!

For many, it’s been an incredibly hard time and while I am confident better days are coming, it’s important to acknowledge that people are hurting and fatigued from the time that has passed. One thing that has been clear is the positive role sport can play when we are experiencing tough times. It creates a community, a family to catch up with and support one another when we’re far from home. It provides happiness, creates friendships and importantly, boosts our mental health. This is clearly evident from the overwhelmingly positive messages from the parents in our Netball community that we receive every week.

It’s the tough times that define culture and values – values our players learn week-in, week-out from our extraordinary coaching team. And this coaching team shows unparalleled dedication, resilience and passion! They have braved and weathered many storms this year, yet they continue to forge strong bonds, create confidence & develop life-skills. For that, we are forever grateful.

It has been wonderful having Siti Iswani on board as our Clubs Manager – Juniors for the younger age groups in Term 3 – Extension, and we look forward to working more with her in 2022. We are also extending a very big thank you to our team of AGCs, who have helped make this year happen for our girls.

Before I wrap up, I must mention two instrumental players in our Netball community: Mel Gribbin and our famous Head Coach, Jolynn Loo. Without these two remarkable personalities, Centaurs Netball would not be in the shape we’re in. They have been instrumental in providing outstanding sessions for our girls & have empowered our girls to form close bonds, nurturing many players through difficult times. We are forever grateful Mel and Jolynn, and I thank you from all in our Netball family.

We farewell many of our budding netballers this year, and we wish them bright and happy futures, hopefully continuing a love of netball wherever they end up. I also would like to say how proud I am of each and every one of our players, they continuously bring happy smiling faces week in and week out, they respect our coaches and exemplify what Centaurs spirit is all about. They are the future and we are so proud of them.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, see you in 2022!

Yours in Netball,

Mish Whiteley
Centaurs Director of Netball

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