Netball’s End of Year Wrap

Dear Netball Family,

I am so happy to be writing to you at the end of what has been an enormous year for Centaurs Netball. We have had a very memorable year with all its ups and downs – Covid restrictions, circuit breaker, some crazy weather… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It is not surprising to me that our brilliant community turned challenges into opportunities, and came out of this crazy year stronger, more resilient, and closer (not physically, of course!). For every constraint, together we found the positives. Training times changed or combined with another age group? With that new life long friendships made! Groups of 5 players to 1 coach? Highly personalised, dedicated coaching and mentorship! No travel over school holidays? Let’s run Netball clinics!

As the dust settles on 2020, we now have school holiday clinics, Thursday nights, and grand plans for 2021 that will get more keen beans on our courts and in the coveted yellow dress! We have camaraderie, passion, creativity, ambition and opportunities that will excite our current and future netters for years to come.

A few thank yous…

And with all that, I need to mention a few unsung heroes who make all the above happen. They are the spirit of Centaurs Netball – the backbone, the drive, and without them Centaurs Netball would not be the Club it is today!

Mag: Our administrator, she is the piece of the puzzle that brings everything together. Mag knows almost all of our members by name (!) and is so brilliantly organised, she really does keep the wheels turning for Centaurs Netball. Thank you, magnificent Mag!

Di: Our Netball Events and Fixtures manager brings a passion to forge ahead, and if Di says we can, we will!! She has been the backbone of our hugely popular Netball Clinics and has played a huge part in getting girls off the waitlist and onto our courts playing the game we all love. Her brilliant humour and bubbly spark around the courts energises everyone, especially those under the steamy tents during check in and out times at Centaurs Netball. Thank you Di!

Holly: Our AGC Manager, who is so often overheard saying, “I do it because I love the club”!! Holly gives her all to Centaurs, bringing the Club together through her organisation skills (seriously, there are so many clipboards!), taking photos, writing up emails, giving First Aid, organising us and assisting the AGCs. It’s been great having Holly on our team!

Karla: Of course, Karla! Karla has set up such a brilliant club in Centaurs Netball, and it has been an honour to inherit this role from her in 2020. It’s been an amazing journey so far. Thank you so much for everything you created and shared with us.

Our 2020 AGC team – Nicole, Vicki, Holly, Tamara, Helen, Nicola, Kath, Mel, Erna, Karla & Di: Thank you to our fantastic AGCs for being an important first point of contact for parents during this challenging year; managing their netball squads; providing a warm welcome to players arriving at the courts; and assisting with check-in and social distancing. You’ve been stars!!

Coaches: And to our inspirational coaches that continually empower our players. They weather storms with dignity and passion, and they are integral in building our player’s confidence.The coaches bring with them more than the netball skills: they bring life skills that the girls will carry with them right through their Netball journey!! Centaurs Netball would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for their continual dedication and passion. You are so valued and admired by the girls. I love the friendships you have made and it touches me every week to see the excitement of the girls faces when allocated to a coach.

Parents, girls, coaches, staff – thank you all for an unpredictable, incredible, in-the-end-amazing 2020. The netball management team at Centaurs wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Rest up over the break, and get ready for a massive 2021!!

Mish Whiteley
Director of Netball

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