Sign up to Centaurs via the registration form, or come for an obligation-free, no-cost trial if you’d like to find out more about our club and our coaching ethos.

We run on a three-term-per-year basis. Fees for your initial term cover coaching and club starter kit. Registration is done via TeamSnap.

For each new term, you will be automatically re-registered, and an invoice will be sent to your email for payment. Each term varies in number of weeks/sessions, and the term’s fees will reflect this. If you join mid-way through a term, your fees will be pro-rated.


Why play touch?

Touch is a minimal contact sport that encourages fun, fitness, coordination, communication and team spirit. It can be picked up at any age, and size or shape play little influence on how good you are. Rare in sport, Centaurs Touch invites mums and sons, dads and daughters to play together in the same games.

You do not need special gear or equipment for touch – come in trainers or boots, and sports wear. Water is essential, even if playing in the evenings.