Zaki Mahmood

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2020
Experience & qualifications… As a player, I have represented Singapore at various age levels. At the senior level, I’ve represented Singapore in both 7s and 15s. Played in Sea Games 2015 and 2017, winning Bronze & Silver respectively.I have coached various age group teams over the past few years. My latest achievement would be winning Asian Rugby Championship Division 1 with the National Women 15s and Men’s Under 19 team in 2018. I am currently the head coach for Bedok Kings Skyllas. I hold World Rugby Level 3 for 15s Coaching, World Rugby Level 2 for 7s Coaching, World Rugby Level 2 Strength & Conditioning and I am also a World Rugby Educator.
Best thing about coaching rugby is… To me, the best thing about coaching is the satisfaction of seeing players develop not only on the field but also as a person through the values that rugby imparts to them. Nothing beats seeing the smiles on players’ faces when they enjoy themselves on the field.
What I tell my players… Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and back each other throughout the game. You will play your best when you are enjoying yourself.

Harvey Mercado

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2020
Experience & qualifications… Been playing Rugby for 14 years and still going! (Level 1 Rugby Coaching/Level 1 Rugby Referee), Current Bedok Kings Prems, Philippines National Rugby Player (2014 – Present).
Best thing about coaching rugby is… Every single day is different! It’s great to see all kinds of moods at the start of the session, only to have everyone leaving feeling ecstatic, exhausted and raring to go next week!
What I tell my players… Rugby is a game made around mistakes. That’s why there are scrums, restarts, lineouts etc. What you do after the mistake is made, determines you as a player!

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2019
Experience & qualifications… I have been playing for Bedok Kings Rugby Club (Premiership) since 2015 and represented the Singapore U19 team in 2017. Coached Raffles Institution C Division Boys team in 2019 and at Centaurs.
Best thing about coaching rugby is… The brotherhood and bonds formed with your mates on and off the field is special and nothing can be compared to it. The lessons the game teaches you especially to persevere through tough times and how to bounce back up onto your feet when you’re down.
What I tell my players… Always back yourself and your buddies in anything you do. The most important thing is to know your “WHY” and enjoy playing the game!

Yaya Jemin

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2020
Experience & qualifications… 6 years of playing rugby with Bedok Kings Skyllas RFC, represented the National 15s Women’s team in Asia Women’s Rugby 2018, trained at Sunnybank Dragons Senior Rugby Club, and represented QLD Samoa at the Queensland 7s tournaments in 2019. Have been doing sports coaching for over 6 years and a major in sports management, NROC certified in rugby and strength and conditioning.
Best thing about coaching rugby is… It is more than just imparting knowledge about the game, I believe in nurturing players both on and off the field. Educating values and principles are equally important in the development of an athlete, it helps to groom players to be a better individual. And that’s the beauty of it to see players being holistically better.
What I tell my players… Rugby is a team sport; it takes a village to win and you are only as good as the weakest person in the team. You help others to be as good, you will be better.

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2019
Experience & qualifications… Singapore U20, U23(Captain), Singapore Mens 7s to Melrose, currently playing with Bedok Kings. I’m a qualified World Rugby Level 1 coach and Level 2 referee.
Best thing about coaching rugby is… Giving and sharing back to the sport that I love. Seeing the kids grow to be a good rugby player. Get to know people from all over the world, rugby brings people together!
What I tell my players… Have fun and enjoy the game

Josh Parr

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2018
Experience & qualifications… SRU Refereeing Level 1. I’ve played rugby since was 4 years old and have been through Centaurs from U12-U17, and currently play for Bucks RFC. Position: Scrum half.
Best thing about coaching rugby is… Watching the kids having as much fun and love for the game as I do. Watching the players improve as rugby players but also seeing their characters develop.
What I tell my players… Be confident to always back yourself and your abilities. The worst trait is to be unsure, even if you think you haven’t made the best decision still do it at 100%. Always keep your head up and be positive.

Mish Whiteley

Mish Whiteley


Mish has been working with children in early learning arts and sports programmes for the past decade, which combined with her sporting experience and a Level 1 Coaching qualification in Netball makes her a unique and highly-qualified Director of Netball. Her netball session plans and clinics are colourful, brilliantly fun, and inspire team camaraderie like no other.

Mish places great importance on encouraging young girls to participate and enjoy team sport for their mental and physical wellbeing. Her approach is all about positive reinforcement and a growth mindset empowering girls through sport – it’s not about being the best, but improving yourself and your confidence.

Shawn Ng

Experience & qualifications… I play for Bedok Kings Rugby Club (Premiership) and played in Singapore U23s in 2014 & 2015, and U20s in 2010. I hold World Rugby Level 1 Coaching qualification, was coaching with UWC dover U10s,& U13, as well as LFS for the U17 boys in 2015.
What I love most about rugby… Meeting amazing people from different aspect of life, and forming a bond also instantly, “I’ve got your back you’ve got mine” relationship on the field.
My coaching programmes… must be fun and engaging, challenging the players to stay focus and getting the skill right.

Bryan Lee

Experience & qualifications… I’ve been coaching for 10 years, with players U9 to U20 – some of these guys now have a national team jersey. I have a Diploma in Sports Coaching, and am World Rugby Level 1 Coaching certified. I played for Centaurs when I was younger and now play for Wanderers RFC as Hooker.
What I tell my players is… Play like how you train, and train like how you’ll play. The mindset of what you will do and how you will do it starts from training, it’s the small things that you do during training that adds to the habit of how you’ll perform during games. Encourage one another and move forward together, teams that stick together win together.
Best thing about coaching is… The joy of the players when you see them enjoying the process, the joy when they feel accomplished when they learn something new. When players train so hard and finally it paid off when they win the game. The appreciation when the players say we have made who they are today. Coaching isn’t just about teaching them the skills to use on the field, but also the lessons we teach them off the field and how they grow as a person. Any amount of money can’t buy that happiness when you see them being successful and thanking you for what you did.

Andrew “Skip” Skipper

Experience & qualifications… I am a Level 3 RFU coach and have been coaching Rugby for over 20 years, including 3 years with England Rugby. I am also a Coach Educator and Strength and Conditioning coach.

Best thing about coaching is… Being able to offer the opportunity for plays to learn and compete while having fun.