Bryan Lee


Experience & qualifications… I’ve been coaching for 10 years, with players U9 to U20 – some of these guys now have a national team jersey. I have a Diploma in Sports Coaching, and am World Rugby Level 1 Coaching certified. I played for Centaurs when I was younger and now play for Wanderers RFC as Hooker.
What I tell my players is… Play like how you train, and train like how you’ll play. The mindset of what you will do and how you will do it starts from training, it’s the small things that you do during training that adds to the habit of how you’ll perform during games. Encourage one another and move forward together, teams that stick together win together.
Best thing about coaching is… The joy of the players when you see them enjoying the process, the joy when they feel accomplished when they learn something new. When players train so hard and finally it paid off when they win the game. The appreciation when the players say we have made who they are today. Coaching isn’t just about teaching them the skills to use on the field, but also the lessons we teach them off the field and how they grow as a person. Any amount of money can’t buy that happiness when you see them being successful and thanking you for what you did.