CQ Ang

CQ is one of our highly experienced Touch football coaches. He has been playing touch for 10 years, competing in both local and overseas tournaments. He has competed in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Perth, and several leagues in Singapore. Memorable Touch achievements include being champion for Country of Origin in 2017 (Singapore), being selected to play for Singapore All Stars team for 2 consecutive years, and representing Monsoon Touch in WA State Champs in Australia.

CQ has been coaching Monsoon Club and teams in university for 4 years. He values team spirit, positive attitude and good sportsmanship and emphasises these in his coaching sessions. He focuses not only on how to develop the team as a whole, but also on individual skills and character; understanding each player and tapping into their potential. Playing team sport is not just about the end goal but also about enjoying the process of learning and growing as a team. His coaching philosophy is “Focus on excellence and success will follow”.