Karla Loughnan

Karla attained her level 1 coaching certificate while she was at University and has enjoyed coaching many young netball teams since this time. These include; teams in local competitions, school representative teams and even teams competing at the NSW State Championship level. More recently, she has coached school teams in Singapore’s ACSIS league, her own daughter’s netball teams at ANZA as well as primary school students within school PE programmes.

She began playing netball at a very young age and finished 26 enjoyable seasons later, only retiring to become a mother. She played at the school, club and representative level in various country towns throughout New South Wales, Australia before finishing her netball career at the competitive state league level in Sydney and then Melbourne.

Karla enjoys coaching netball to all age groups. She places great importance on basic skills at all levels and gets much satisfaction from individual as well as team improvement. She blends intensity with fun and encourages humour in her sessions. Her hope is that all young netballers will love learning and playing the game well beyond their teenage years.

Why play touch?

Touch is a minimal contact sport that encourages fun, fitness, coordination, communication and team spirit. It can be picked up at any age, and size or shape play little influence on how good you are. Rare in sport, Centaurs Touch invites mums and sons, dads and daughters to play together in the same games.

You do not need special gear or equipment for touch – come in trainers or boots, and sports wear. Water is essential, even if playing in the evenings.

Gaspar Tan

Experience & qualifications… I’m the Singapore Men 15s Captain and Hooker, and play for Bedok Kings RFC (Premiership). I am a World Rugby Educator and hold qualifications in World Rugby Coaching Level 2, World Rugby 7s Level 1, World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Level 2 & World Rugby First Aid in Rugby.
What I love most about rugby is… meeting great friends and people, values like discipline, respect, travel opportunities to Samoa and Kenya.
My coaching programmes… have to be fun, challenging and emphasise doing the basics well.

Jonathan Carswell

Experience & qualifications…  I play for Bucks Rugby Club (Premiership), previously playing in Leeds, Newcastle and London. I hold RFU Level 1 Coaching qualification.
What I love most about rugby is… the comradeship. Joining a new club means gaining an instant group of friends. Moving to Singapore opened my eyes to playing rugby around the world and attending as many tournaments in as many countries as possible is now the goal.
What I tell my players… rugby is the complete team sport and that people who are any shape and size, from any walk of life, can play. The principles and values at its core are something you can base your lifestyle around, not just the game.

Harry Thompson

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… January 2016.
Experience & Qualifications… Club Captain – University of Queensland RFC (Australia). Player/Forwards Coach – Gaulois 1st XV and currently playing Bucks RFC 1st XV (Singapore)
What I love most about coaching… as coaches, we’re able to impart our own values about rugby on the kids. For me, that’s about HAVING FUN! As long as players are in a competitive environment, consistently learning and enjoying their time playing rugby with mates then I am enjoying my job.

Sean Goh

Sean Goh


Experience & qualifications… I played for Bedok Kings RFC for several years and 2 seasons ago transitioned into an assistant coach role. I hold a World Rugby Level 1 Coaching qualification and am currently completing my Level 2.
What I love most about rugby is… The values the games stands for and the character it develops in those who play.
What I tell my players… No matter what level you compete at, have fun playing the game.

My focus as Director of Rugby is to support our coaches to be the best coaches they can be. What are the structures, resources and training we can put in place to enable us to not only continue producing brilliant young rugby players, but also keep everyone enjoying being part of the Centaurs family.

Adam Field

Adam Field

U16s & U17s

Experience & qualifications… Wales 7s, GB Students 7s, London Welsh RFC, Rosslyn Park RFC (UK), currently playing with Bucks RFC (Prems). Player coaching experience with Sevenoaks RFC (UK).
What I love most about rugby is… how many doors it opens and the people you meet. Rugby gives you the chance to travel the world with your best mates and, if you win, nothing can beat it!
I tell my players… to have confidence in themselves, go onto the pitch thinking they can out do your opposite man. Play with a smile and if in doubt, just run with it!

Sam Lau

Sam Lau


Experience & qualifications… I play for Bedok Kings Rugby Club (Premiership) and I’ve been playing with the Singapore Men’s Rugby since 2013. Before that i was with Singapore U23s in 2013, and U20s in 2009 age group set up. I currently a hold World Rugby Level 1 Coaching qualification.
What I love most about rugby is… the sense of belonging to a well-knit community. Always having a good time on the pitch and enjoying each other’s company after the game. And having the chance to travel to play against different teams from all over the world.
What I tell my players… rugby can be played well by simply perfecting basic skills like passing and catching. It’s a game played well by gelling together simple basic skills.

Colin Ip

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2011.
Experience & Qualifications… I started playing rugby at prep school in Scotland since age 8, captained my university team and played Scottish national league for Strathmore RFC. Rep’d for Valley RFC in HK and the Pot Belly Pigs until 2005. I’ve now had two seasons with Bedok Kings. I hold Level 1 & Level 2 World Rugby Coaching.
Best thing about coaching… Rugby is fantastic dad/son time! Also, it’s great to give back to kids the enjoyment of rugby.
My coaching style… Scottish, in the veins of Jim Telfer!