Reinet Doig


I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2018
Experience & qualifications… I play touch for the Parentaurs side and spent many years honing my rugby skills on the beaches of South Africa.
Best thing about coaching rugby is… Watching the girls develop their confidence and strength in the game of rugby as well as in life. Most of the girls start out shy and hesitant, new to rugby and once they gain that confidence to catch and pass, to kick the ball or make the tackle… it’s like they bloom! I love the learning environment of “girls only” so they feel safe and secure to try anything. My day is made when I hear them laughing, seeing them get muddy and go home with a smile, ready to come back next week.
What I tell my players… Have fun, play fair, support your mates! (credit to Coach Harry for his Centaurs cheer)