Bryan Coole

Bryan Coole


As President, I’m striving to keep Centaurs as the premier rugby club for families in search of a high quality, positive rugby experience for their children. Keeping the focus on every player and their development. Building character through the rugby experience. Since I first pulled on a Centaurs Coach shirt over ten years ago, I’ve been bleeding Yellow and Blue ever since. It’s great being a Centaur, and I love this club!

Bryan is also Head Coach for U12s.


Sean Goh

Sean Goh


Experience & qualifications… I played for Bedok Kings RFC for several years and 2 seasons ago transitioned into an assistant coach role. I hold a World Rugby Level 1 Coaching qualification and am currently completing my Level 2.
What I love most about rugby is… The values the games stands for and the character it develops in those who play.
What I tell my players… No matter what level you compete at, have fun playing the game.

My focus as Director of Rugby is to support our coaches to be the best coaches they can be. What are the structures, resources and training we can put in place to enable us to not only continue producing brilliant young rugby players, but also keep everyone enjoying being part of the Centaurs family.


Each age group is led by a Head Coach, who is often a parent of one of the children in the age group. Working closely with the Director of Rugby and Pro Coaches, Head Coaches manage age-group specific communications between the club, parents and players, structure training sessions, and promote the Centaurs Way and Code of Conduct.

Adam Field

Adam Field

U16s & U17s

Experience & qualifications… Wales 7s, GB Students 7s, London Welsh RFC, Rosslyn Park RFC (UK), currently playing with Bucks RFC (Prems). Player coaching experience with Sevenoaks RFC (UK).
What I love most about rugby is… how many doors it opens and the people you meet. Rugby gives you the chance to travel the world with your best mates and, if you win, nothing can beat it!
I tell my players… to have confidence in themselves, go onto the pitch thinking they can out do your opposite man. Play with a smile and if in doubt, just run with it!

Harry Thompson

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… January 2016.
Experience & Qualifications… Club Captain – University of Queensland RFC (Australia). Player/Forwards Coach – Gaulois 1st XV and currently playing Bucks RFC 1st XV (Singapore)
What I love most about coaching… as coaches, we’re able to impart our own values about rugby on the kids. For me, that’s about HAVING FUN! As long as players are in a competitive environment, consistently learning and enjoying their time playing rugby with mates then I am enjoying my job.

Stephen Brooks

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2013.
Experience & Qualifications… I’ve played rugby for many years and been fortunate to play this great game in UK, Australia, France, Switzerland and even occasionally still put the boots on for the Wanderers in Singapore. I hold a World Rugby level 1 coaching award.
What I love most about coaching… the most important thing for me is that our boys enjoy playing the game. I have a great group of coaches who work the boys hard but we try to do it with a smile on our face. It’s really rewarding when you see the hard work we have done in training translate itself into a game situation. The tours are pretty good too!

Conal McMahon

Conal McMahon


I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2017
Experience & qualifications… I have been playing since school days in Hong Kong and continued through high school in New Zealand and college in the USA. I keep threatening to join a club in Singapore and am taking baby steps to playing here. I have been coaching since 2015 and am World Rugby Level 1 accredited.
What I love about coaching… I love the frustration of seeing plays and drills executed perfectly at training go to custard in tournaments and then seeing the girls click and have the plays go perfectly, I love when the players come off covered in mud and beaming with joy, and I love seeing the pride in parents’ faces when their daughter has a great game, win or lose.
What I love about rugby… It is a great team sport that allows for individual brilliance. I love the camaraderie, the culture, and the opportunity it brings for players of all backgrounds and experiences to get on a field and play.

Colin Ip

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2011.
Experience & Qualifications… I started playing rugby at prep school in Scotland since age 8, captained my university team and played Scottish national league for Strathmore RFC. Rep’d for Valley RFC in HK and the Pot Belly Pigs until 2005. I’ve now had two seasons with Bedok Kings. I hold Level 1 & Level 2 World Rugby Coaching.
Best thing about coaching… Rugby is fantastic dad/son time! Also, it’s great to give back to kids the enjoyment of rugby.
My coaching style… Scottish, in the veins of Jim Telfer!

Bryan Coole

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2009.
Experience & Qualifications… I’ve been playing rugby since 2000 for Bucks, Wanderers & Singapore Reds (in Lock position). Now playing for Bucks Vets! I hold World Rugby Coaching Level 1 & Level 2 for 15s and World Rugby Coaching Level 1 for 7s.
I coach because… it gives me the chance to give back to the sport that has given so much to me. I relish the opportunity to share my passion for rugby and to help foster that in the next generation of players. I want children to love playing rugby, to always have fun doing so, and to learn how to play it as best as they can.
Our age group mantra: “Why do we play? We do it for the love of it!”

Patrick Kelly

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2013.
Experience & Qualifications… Played both League and Union at St Augustines College up till 18 years of age. I’m from a family of 6 brothers who all played League or Union, one playing Aust Schoolboys, Warringah Rats, and more. I coached junior Rep teams in Manly Warringah District Cricket Club before moving to Centaurs, and I’m a Level 1 Referee (Rugby League).
What I love about coaching… seeing the kids skills grow so quickly, watching friends made at training and bonding with other parents and coaches.
The best thing about rugby is… it doesn’t matter what your size or shape is, there is always a position for everyone to be involved.

Leon Emes

Leon Emes

U10s & GIRLS U17s

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… as a parent 2011 and 2013 as a coach.
Experience & Qualifications… my playing is confined to touch footy these days. I’m a qualified Level 1 Coach and Level 1 Referee.
Best thing about coaching…  coaching is something that brings pleasure in many different ways. It’s a pleasure to see the kids progress, smile and have fun through rugby. It’s a pleasure to know that the core rugby skills of integrity, teamwork and discipline that we teach today will follow the kids through life, both on and off the pitch. It’s a pleasure to be able to work alongside such a supportive group of parent and pro coaches who help make us such a successful team. At Centaurs I’m lucky to be surrounded by great people, all willing to share their experiences and help you bring the best out of the kids.
What I love about rugby… it’s such an inclusive sport. No matter what your shape, size, ability or fitness there will always be a place for you on the pitch and in the team. And best of all you’ll make friends for life…. quite frankly it’s the best sport in the world.

Tim Gazzard

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2014.
Experience & Qualifications… Playing rugby since age 9, played through school, university and working years in Australia, London and Peru. I’m also a Level 1 Referee and Level 1 Coach.
What we love most about coaching… Saturday’s a Rugby Day!!! For the U9s it’s all about making sure the kids have fun, getting parents involved and building the rugby family/community. We try to teach the kids the basic building blocks of rugby – catching, passing, running forwards…and now we’re adding tackling and rucking to the mix. As well as the basic skills, we also try to teach them the core values of rugby – integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline.

Chris “Harry” Harris

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2013.
Experience & Qualifications… Played from 1982 to 2014 for Warringah Roos, Manly Juniors, The Southport School, St John’s College, Uni of Qld., Forest and KL Saracens (Malaysia). I mostly played prop… mostly because I lack a neck. Started coaching Under 13E’s while in Year 12 at The Southport School; Lancing College 1st XV Forwards Coach (UK), Assistant Coach, St John’s College Women’s XV (Uni of Qld.). I’ve got my Rugby Ready, over 6,000 hours of teaching/training/coaching, I’m a qualified university lecturer and (most importantly) herder of cats.
I coach because… Props make the best coaches. We spend a lifetime watching others play the game, a view only broken up by the poetry that is the scrum and the necessary evil of lifting tall players who can’t jump for themselves only so that they can knock it on and we scrum again. Their punishment: sticking their heads between our bottoms. Ah, the circle of life.
I assume no one peaks age 6, 7, or 8… our aim is to keep EVERYONE interested in the game regardless of skill, keep them involved and developing skills. It’s no good having 45 Under 6’s at Centaurs one year, only to have 14 Under 9’s 3 years later, so I don’t stream if possible. The learning around the learning and the rugby culture are far more important to me. Pull your socks up, support your mates, have fun, and play fair. Oh and support the Wallabies.

Jonathan Cavenagh

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2017.
Experience & Qualifications… I played rugby as a schoolboy in Queensland, and then touch rugby throughout my working career.
My approach to coaching… at U7 level, we aim to introduce the kids to building a love of rugby starting with the basics. Games and activities are tailored to ensure the kids are engaged, having fun and learning the essential first steps like passing, catching, making touches and running with the ball.

James Tranter

I’ve been coaching Centaurs since… 2018, with 2 boys in the U9s & U6s.
Experience & Qualifications… played rugby as a schoolboy in Wales, representing district level, and then played touch rugby during my working years.
My approach to coaching in U6s, our approach is to build the confidence and competence of our players in the rugby basics of catching, passing, defending, supporting and of course attacking (invading and evading) that they may have already been exposed to in U5s, as well introducing them to the concept of individual and team roles and rules-based game play.

Rugby at this age is non-contact, and tackling is “touching” or “tagging”. Games and activities at training ensure that our players develop their rugby skills as well decision-making abilities in a safe and fun environment.

At Centaurs we start to give our players an appreciation of the core values of rugby – integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline. And of course they continue to learn the Centaurs way of having fun, playing fair and supporting their mates! These are values and ways that will benefit them their whole lives.

In addition to training, our U6 players get the chance to start playing friendly matches against other Singapore clubs and have the opportunity to play in several Singapore championship tournaments and go on tours to play in rugby competitions within the region.

Our aim is to ensure that playing rugby is a highlight of their week and this includes the camaraderie and friendships that they start to grow with their team mates and the family-orientated environment at Centaurs. We want it to be the start of a long-term love of the sport. We also encourage parents to get involved, whether this is cheering for the kids on the side lines, ensuring they have water bottles in their hands at water breaks or even chucking on a coach’s shirt and having more direct input to the kids’ rugby development. Ultimately, this is all about building the rugby family / community around the kids.

Big smiles all around!

Charli Bromley

As U5s head coach, I run the Centaurs equivalent of rugby tots or little rugby. Our programme for these 3 and 4 year olds is about developing motor skills with a rugby focus. For me, it’s also about fostering a love of sport that lasts a lifetime. I’m a big believer in grazed knees, climbing trees and kids being kids!

I work full time with Centaurs in Community Engagement and I’ve been in the Centaurs fray since 2004 as a Kids Leader and Touch player.