Pro-Coaches are current International and Premiership players based in Singapore.
They coach with the latest updates to game laws and training techniques.

Elly Syazwani

Experience & qualifications… I’ve been playing rugby since 2011, represented in the Singapore National 15s & 7s teams. I also have four years teaching background in a preschool and am a Sport Science & Exercise graduate.
What I love about rugby… is that it’s a complete team sport that values anyone of any shape and size coming from all walks of life – so size doesn’t matter. It also builds character and, most importantly, friendships along the way.
What I tell my players… “How you play is how hard you train.”

Anna Chen

Experience & qualifications… Been playing since 2009 and can’t get enough of it. Be it coaching, touring or refereeing, I’m always looking for ways to give back to the sport and enjoy it! World Rugby Level 1 coaching and refereeing.
I coach because… Having been in the 15s program for Womens, it’s exciting to be playing a part in shaping the next generation of talent. There weren’t many opportunities for girls to be playing rugby in Singapore when I was growing up, and I always wished I had picked it up sooner especially when I see the girls that are up early every Saturday, running and tackling hard. It’s great that Centaurs is providing that opportunity for the younger girls and I love helping out with it!
What I love about rugby… There is nothing quite like the feeling of putting your body on the line for the person next to you, and knowing that every one of your teammates would do the same for you. I also love how rugby is probably the only sport where, after the final whistle, both teams can celebrate and share a cold one!

Gaspar Tan

Experience & qualifications… I’m the Singapore Men 15s Captain and Hooker, and play for Bedok Kings RFC (Premiership). I am a World Rugby Educator and hold qualifications in World Rugby Coaching Level 2, World Rugby 7s Level 1, World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Level 2 & World Rugby First Aid in Rugby.
What I love most about rugby is… meeting great friends and people, values like discipline, respect, travel opportunities to Samoa and Kenya.
My coaching programmes… have to be fun, challenging and emphasise doing the basics well.

Sam Lau

Experience & qualifications… I play for Bedok Kings Rugby Club (Premiership) and I’ve been playing with the Singapore Men’s Rugby since 2013. Before that i was with Singapore U23s in 2013, and U20s in 2009 age group set up. I currently a hold World Rugby Level 1 Coaching qualification.
What I love most about rugby is… the sense of belonging to a well-knit community. Always having a good time on the pitch and enjoying each other’s company after the game. And having the chance to travel to play against different teams from all over the world.
What I tell my players… rugby can be played well by simply perfecting basic skills like passing and catching. It’s a game played well by gelling together simple basic skills.

Jonathan Carswell

Experience & qualifications…  I play for Bucks Rugby Club (Premiership), previously playing in Leeds, Newcastle and London. I hold RFU Level 1 Coaching qualification.
What I love most about rugby is… the comradeship. Joining a new club means gaining an instant group of friends. Moving to Singapore opened my eyes to playing rugby around the world and attending as many tournaments in as many countries as possible is now the goal.
What I tell my players… rugby is the complete team sport and that people who are any shape and size, from any walk of life, can play. The principles and values at its core are something you can base your lifestyle around, not just the game.

Charlie Lambert

Charlie Lambert


Experience & qualifications… I’ve played for Durham University (UK), Bucks RFC and Singapore Mens 15s & 7s. I hold the World Rugby Coaching Level 1.
My favourite rugby moment is… England’s Whitewash of Australia in 2016. Generally though, rugby is all about meeting great people from all over the world – truly a global sport!
My coaching programmes… give kids the confidence to succeed!