Rugby: skills for life

Individual sports seem to be an ongoing trend, although at a younger age individual sports bring a limited amount of benefits to your child in comparison to team sports.

Team sports are not taught to children just for the benefit of the game, but for the benefits of being active and in a team. When we take a look at rugby for example, it can be used as a great representation to how your child can develop and grow as an individual due to the values and factors gained from the sport. Apart from being a tough and brutal sport, one of rugby’s greatest known positives is the value of respect that comes with taking part in the sport. Rugby teaches respect not just towards other team mates, but the opposition as well as the referee. To play a sport where you physically make contact with the opposition yet with a sense of respect takes great responsibility and maturity in an individual.

Another great aspect from rugby is the team side of things. Playing in a team and having the ability to work together with other is an essential life skill for not just your children but all individuals. Team sports like rugby allow children to become more confident around others, work with other more efficiently, develop their communication skills, and even build a sense of leadership. Another point with team work is that being able to work together to reach a goal, or to create synergy is a very important life skill that all children should learn from a young age.

As your child grows older and becomes more dedicated towards rugby, they can become a lot more self-disciplined and dedicated, which is a great aspect to have in your future life, not just towards sport but towards school and your work life. The ability to become self-self-disciplined in one thing can be carried over to almost everything you do in life.

Adaptability is another thing that you learn in rugby which your child will find as an essential life skill. Being able to adapt to any situation or work and change your mind quickly under pressure is a skill that many people lack. Whereas rugby develops children from a young age to work and play under pressure where they can bring this skill into their professional life.

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