(Updated November 2020)


Note: closure of road alongside the pitches on Saturdays between 7am and 2pm.

  • Check and take note of your group training location and number
  • Check your temperature is below 37.5°C 
  • Pack: ball (if you have) and water (labelled)
  • Wear: your mask & what you are playing in (including your boots!)
  • Download the Trace Together app
  • Parents driving or taking taxi, please note road closures – best to park in the Hao Mart carpark

You should be wearing your mask
You will need a phone (either the child or the parent on behalf of child)

  • Arrive up to 10 minutes early, but not before please
  • Note your Entrance
    • CFD & Grass = Central Area Entrance
    • Minis & Netball = Carpark #2 Entrance
  • If the player has their own phone and can scan a QR code: they can walk in by themselves, and parents can say goodbye
  • If the player does not have their own phone, parents to accompany them and then leave immediately after the temperature check
  • Scan the “Centaurs Sports Park” QR code, or check in via the SingPass app (you can favourite it!) – enter your own or the player’s NRIC/FIN information 
  • Join the temperature taking queue – stand 2m apart (lines marked)
  • Show the green check-in “receipt” to the person at the desk
  • Get your temperature taken 
    • If above 37.5 you must go home immediately – check out on your way out
    • If under 37.5, you’re good to play! Parents can leave now via the Exit channel
  • Name ticked off the list (make sure you’re signed up and have paid ahead of Saturday)
  • Use the hand sanitizer or go to wash your hands
  • Head to your group’s pitch and designated area
  • If you brought your own ball, dunk it in the disinfectant water station

  • Listen to your coaches – they have planned your session around these constraints:
    • Groups of 8 + 1 coach
    • Groups are 3m apart at all times – there is no mixing between groups
    • Players and coaches are 2m apart at all times
    • No sharing of equipment between groups
  • Wear your mask until you start exercising
  • Coaches should be wearing their mask throughout the session
  • Have fun!

  • Put your mask back on
  • Dunk the ball you’ve used in the disinfectant – Centaurs balls leave to dry, take your own ball home
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
  • No hanging around or socialising – leave ASAP
  • Parents, please be prompt at pickup – we cannot have overlap of groups
  • Kids waiting for parent pick up will be spaced 2m apart and waiting under the tent
  • Don’t forget to check out!



  • We have a Safe Management Plan that is in place, including Safe Management Officers (SMO) to help with rules and procedures – please ask us if you are unsure about anything. Our Lead SMO is Tim Lambert.
  • Medics will be on site as usual for training
  • We have buffered in 30 minutes for changeover of groups – we appreciate your assistance in adhering to these timings to make things as smooth and safe as possible
  • There will be no Shack and no coffee available
  • Vending machines will be switched off
  • We have been asked to remind you that sports are for exercise, and not for socialising
  • If you are late, don’t panic. Don’t skip the sign in process!
  • Inability to follow instructions or the process will result in kids or parents being asked to leave, with no refund