Term 1 2020 Ends (Earlier than expected!)

The initial term of 2020 was unexpected, challenging but brought our club together tighter than ever.

With the true scale of the outbreak unknown in January, the Centaurs term started off as energetic and optimistic as any other.

Early weeks (ahhh, the glory days!) saw Centaurs rugby teams prepping for the JRCS league and tours to Marlborough College, Bangkok & KL. Centaurs Netball teams were ramping up for a smorgasbord of leagues and tournaments, as well as their own trip to KL and selections for Perth in June. We ran a super fun Chinese New Year camp over the school holiday break, and planned three Easter camps with much excitement.

We hosted our first ever Chinese New Year lion visit to the sports fields, and hoped for a good Year of the Rat (… we’re yet to see that, but remain ever positive!).

One by one, each event faced murmurs of cancellation, followed by confirmation. It goes without saying that we all faced plenty of disappointment as events and trainings gave way to stricter, essential stay at home and social distancing measures. Our Touch teams were even teased with a single league game before that too was officially cancelled.

The crazy Term 1 was cut short by a week and ended unexpectedly early, with no opportunity to enjoy our usual end of term traditions.

Thank You

We do need to say a huge shoutout THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Term 1 2020 the best that it could be. Through codes yellow and then into orange, the rapidly-changing landscape required a tonne of communication, support, and commitment from everyone in the club.

To the parents and players who were quick to listen, respond, act and support – thank you. Thanks for checking your emails on a Friday night, and get swiftly into action to make sure everything was done ahead of training on Saturday morning. Thanks for complying with paperwork and processes to keep our community safe.

We also have to recognise the achievements and commitments of our chameleon coaches and staff, who were incredibly adaptable to changing rules and regulations. Coaches were sometimes adapting their training plans overnight to make sure Saturdays remained a place of fun and safety for the kids.

To our sponsors and partners, who have always got our back through good times and bad, thank you.

It’s a true testament to the Centaurs spirit to get back up when you get knocked down. We have no doubt that whatever Term 2 challenges us with, we’ll be able to handle it – with smiles on our faces and springs in our step!

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