Commonwealth Games: what Centaurs are watching

All eyes are on the Gold Coast this month for the 21st Commonwealth Games. Here’s who and what to watch before the closing ceremony on 15 April.


Our island nation’s top sportsmen and women are competing in #GC2018 and to date have won a gold, silver and bronze medals. Lawn bowls, badminton, table tennis, swimming, beach volleyball, shooting, weightlifting and cycling are all events to watch Singapore athletes in action. Here’s SG’s Commonwealth Games results and schedule.

Rugby Sevens – Mens & Womens

Just like the Olympics, Rugby Sevens is an official sport in the Commonwealth Games.  There are four pools for the men and two for the women. The Sevens takes place between the 13-15 April and promises some brilliant games.


In the Men’s side of the draw, Pool B looks most likely to offer a bit of fire, with England, Australia and Samoa all lining up to face each other with Jamaica making up the rest of the group. Other teams in the draw include Sri Lanka, Uganda and Malaysia, it will certainly be interesting to see what they bring to the competition.


Australia are ones to watch this CG having had great wins already in Dubai and Sydney. New Zealand also look strong and with Canada in their group (2nd and 3rd in the World Rankings respectively) we’re sure to see some good games. In Group B, it will be hard to call with England and Fiji sitting next to each other in the world rankings as well.

One thing for certain is that we can expect some incredible Rugby from the Gold Coast over the next few weeks. Here’s who’s playing who and when to watch.


Netball at the will be played over all 11 days of the Commonwealth Games. With 12 teams involved, this is a great opportunity to watch some live Netball. With Australia, New Zealand, England and Jamaica all involved in the Games, there is a chance to see some of the best in the world compete. These four teams make up the four best in the world so its safe to say the competition will be of the highest standard.

Many of the teams playing are in the top 20 teams in the world, so the games are going to be really close and full of entertainment. There is no better time to watch netball live than at the Commonwealth Games: here’s when to tune in!

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