Touch for Girls

The number of participants in Rugby around the word is growing rapidly. Its becoming surprisingly more popular amongst woman too. Although one factor of rugby that is influencing these numbers is the brutality and physicality of the sport. Although many rugby girls couldn’t care less, there are many teenage girls who do not see themselves putting their bodies on the line, getting roughed up, bruised and having messy hair.

For all those girls out there interest in rugby but don’t want to get hurt, don’t worry… there is a solution! Welcome to the world of Touch… a very fast paced version of rugby, but limited contact. Perfect for people with a love for the sport and a passion to play with minimal injuries!

Touch is the ideal modern day team sport for all girls of all ages. The amount of benefits that come with Touch is amazing. Apart from the fact of minimal injuries, touch rugby has many social benefits and creates a feeling of inclusiveness for everybody involved. It allows girls to build self esteem and confidence which is an important factor for females to develop at a younger age. Touch rugby even allows those girls who felt they may not have the body for contact rugby to get going and take part, which further boosts self confidence and keeps those participant numbers rising!

Touch is a very good way to get fit as its can be extremely tiring on the body as it is a lot of running around and constant moving, which for some girls can be a great motivation to take part. As well as the fact that there may need to be any extra work required outside of the training days.

Now team sports has many benefits itself, that are essential to developing young girls life skills. Being part of a team helps to build confidence, communication skills, leadership skills, the ability to create synergy and work well with others. Being involved in a team of ‘sisterhood’ creates a feeling of inclusiveness and boost young girls confidence and self esteem not just in rugby but in their every day life.

If you’re interested in rugby, but don’t like the physicality of it, then give touch rugby a go! You’re going to feel welcome straight away and as a fellow rugby player, you will make a sisterhood with some great friendships.

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