TRC Junior Cup 2017 Report


As President of Centaurs and Head of the Minis I would like to add my congratulations to all the players who participated in the recent TRC tournament. The results are fantastic and really are a tribute to the dedication and enthusiasm of all of the coaches across the Minis. As I wander around each Saturday morning and as the year progresses it is wonderful to see the development of individual children and age groups as a whole.

Tournaments and Festivals provide an ability to showcase our skills, development and passion for the game in a competitive and fun environment. More importantly it allows at an early age to be gracious in defeat, humble in victory and truly love the game for what it is…..throwing a footy around and making new friends. I congratulate all players, parents and coaches on their successes during the tournaments and the spirit in which they played. 

I would also specially like to highlight JJ’s contribution not only as current head coach for the Under 9s but his commitment and the values he has brought to the club over all his years coaching the Minis. I personally wish him and his family all the very best in their new adventure. 

Yours in rugby,



Centaurs U6s (Chris Harris)

For the Under 6s, Tanglin represented the first official international tournament for our 3 teams of Centaurs as the line-up included KL Tigers (whom our Cavaliers defeated in the Plate Final) and the Militarily-drilled Putrajaya Phoenix who rose from the ashes to thrash us before losing to Dragons in the Cup Final.

The order of the Saturday was one-in-all-in and we couldn’t be happier with the way the kids supported their mates in attack and when subbing on and off. Much fun was had with tug ‘o war match against TRC lasting over 4 minutes before our gallant tuggers lay proud but prostrate. Sunday saw a mixture of results in torrential rain, but the attrition in our numbers overnight meant the kids (and our awesome parents/guardians) gallantly rallied around to ensure all three teams fielded full sides for all games. This is indicative of the great Centaurs spirit and we’re proud to say we played fair as well throughout. Huge thanks to all my coaches and Tanglin for having us.  

Centaurs U7s (Tim Gazzard)

Our 3 teams finished 2nd and 3rd in the Cup and 3rd in the Plate. Great weekend had by all.  

Centaurs U8s (Leon Emes)

Very proud of all the kids this weekend. Our Ninjas team has some very convincing wins throughout the tournament and went on to face Tanglin Rugby Club Spartans in the cup final. This was to prove their biggest challenge, but despite the tough competition they were victorious and lifted the cup with a 22-12 win.

The Samurais arguably had a tougher pool on Saturday but despite this improved game after game to offer the competition a formidable challenge. They continued to lift their game on Sunday and earned a place in the shield final. However the rugby gods were not with them and they were narrowly defeated 10-12 by SCC Lions.

This was our first competition at contact and to see the amount of commitment every player all put into their games, both individually and as a team was the real take away for me. Well done kids!

Centaurs U9s (Sean Donovan)

Match 1 Beat Singapore Valkyries 27-15

Valkyries were tough and fast from the off, taking a deserved lead much to delight of their and the neutral fans! But Knights showed great composure to stick to the building blocks of tackling and rucking, creating space and finished off 4 unanswered tries. Albert and Baxter were looking strong.  The girls though came back scoring 2 of their own tries, exposing some weakness in our tackling of players going at speed. However the Knight’s line then remained firm and we scored another try.

Match 2: Lost to Cavaliers 61-5

In the end, Knights lost by a big margin but at 2 tries to nil down and having had 2 tries disallowed for foot in touch, we were in contention and playing well. The tacking had picked up and the rucking was magnificent. But Cavs had some big boys…Mark T and Oliver W started to rumble and make big gains, while Victor refused to let anyone get past him. We scored a great try to make it 3-1 but the Cavs’ extra power started to reap dividends and they pulled away. Despite the score the coaches felt we had played some decent rugby and were a bit unlucky…this optimism was to prove fruitful the following day.

Match 3: Beat SCC Lions 43-10.

The boys played great in this game. The rucking continued to shine and everyone was making tackles. Despite SCC having a bigger team, our skills were getting better and better. Freddie NS had come to the party and showed what a great player he can be. And Benjamin, enjoying his first tournament, scored a wonder try down the right wing. A great victory.

Match 4: Beat TRC Hawks 38-5

We were the only team to play 4 matches on Sat. It was midday and the boys were exhausted and we were down to 10 players. But they put in one more great shift. Again the tackling was improving, the rucking was awesome and everyone was getting involved. Alex continued to thrive with ball in hand, scoring his third try of the day. Fortunately a couple of the other centaurs helped us out with some subs and in the end TRC were put to the sword.

End of Day 1 and we had finished second in Division 3. And most importantly we were playing as a team, encouraging each other and proud to be part of the Centaurs club.

The semi-final groups pitted us against Titans and once again the Cavs.

Titans: Lost 24-7

Despite going in one try apiece at half time, Titans power and strength shone through in the second half as they scored 3 unanswered tries. But boy did the Knights make them fight for each score, time and time again holding up players on the line and refusing to let the ball be grounded. With hardly any ball in the game, the Knights were showing that they had improved massively in their Defence since the first game

Cavs: Lost 26-19

What a game! Two equally matched sides going at each other. Benny played the match of his life and refused to wilt in the face of the Cavs onslaught. The Cavs big boys who had run amok the day before were now being brought down. It was tit for tat until about 4 mins from the end when Mark scored his decisive try. But even then the Knights fought back towards the Cavs line refusing to give up but the final whistle went.

I have to note that we were extremely proud of the boys. We were a team thrown together only the weekend before but came together and every boy grew over the weekend. Baxter and Albert were immense in their contribution, taking great strides in their new responsibilities as leaders of a team. Charlie proved what a great rugby brain he has. Benjamin and Gabriel did everything asked of them and more. Frank showed what a dangerous player he is with ball in hand and Daniel reminded us what a smart player he is in both Defence and Attack. And Isaac will continue to worry opponents when charging at them.

Thanks again to the parents, especially those who corrected my match scheduling faults!! Please keep encouraging your boys to love rugby.


Special mention

Well done to those who played in the Singapore Valkyries team, the All Girls U10s team consisting of 5 Centaurs girls, who won the boys tournament U9s Shield. 

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