How to: Trial Rugby with Us

We believe in sport for all, including kids who’ve never picked up a rugby ball before. If you’re new to Singapore or the sport, we encourage you to come down to Centaurs for a free trial.

Here’s how to trial with us.

1) Find the right age group & training time

Centaurs go on a “year born” system. Here are the training times by year born for 2018:

Born        Saturday AM
2015        9-10
2014        9-10
2013        9-10
2012        9-10.30
2011        9-10.30
2010        9-10.30
2009        8.30-10
2008        8.30-10
2007        10-11.30
2006        10-11.30
2005        10-11.30
2004        11.30-1.00
2003        11.30-1.00
2002        11.30-1.00
2001        11.30-1.00

For Girls Rugby (2001-2009), training is 8.30-10.00. Girls born 2009 to 2015 train with the boys in the above timings.

2) Fill in the Assessment form

For those born 2001-2012, please fill in the Assessment form on the link below and email it to our Registrar Mag Ng ( This will help our coaches with your child’s trial (and consequent sessions), and help integrate your child into the team.


3) Turn up 10 minutes early on Saturday morning

We play at Centaurs Sports Park, Turf City off Dunearn Road during term (term times on our Rugby page).  Head to the Registration Desk and tell us that you are here to trial. We will show you where to go and who to talk to. Arrive in sports wear (sports shirt, shorts and trainers or boots) and bring lots of water.

3) Trial!

Have fun and don’t be shy – ask the coaches if you have any questions about training, games, friendlies, tours and more about playing rugby at Centaurs.

4) Register

If you like us and would like to join our Club, return to the Registration Desk after the trial to fill in paperwork and collect kit. You can also do this the following week, at your convenience.

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