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Centaurs Rugby is the best place to spend your weekend! We are the original junior rugby club in Singapore and since that first day in 2002, we’ve been all about sport for all and sport for life.

We train at Singapore American School on Sunday mornings. 

Why Centaurs Rugby?

Our programmes are fun, safe and structured. With a “stretch and support” approach, we mentor and challenge those who want to take their game as far as they can, while supporting those who are here to keep fit and make friends.

Centaurs Rugby has a rich history and vibrant present, with many former players (“Old Centaurians”) going on to play rugby at amateur and professional levels (including Marcus Smith for England and William Percillier for Canada).

Playing Opportunities
We play as much as possible - going on international tours and joining as many local tournaments, festivals, carnivals and leagues as we can
It's More Than "Just" Training!
Enjoy aircon, wifi, coffee and hot food in The Perch - a cafe on campus that's opened for Centaurs on Sunday mornings
We're Part of Something Bigger
We are a founding club of the Junior Rugby Clubs Singapore (JRCS) and compete in the JRCS league
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Coaching Team

Our players in yellow and blue benefit from a structured, progressive curriculum delivered by a mix of professional coaches and parent volunteers.

They are guided by some of Singapore’s most passionate and experienced rugby leaders, Sean Goh (Level 2 Coach & Level 1 Referee) & James Batt. 

Girls Rugby at Centaurs

“Rugby’s not a boy’s sport, or a girl’s sport – it’s an everybody sport!”

Our female rugby mentors encourage all our girls to lift each other up, try something new, believe in themselves, and have positive relationships with “giving it a go”! For ages 8-18 – see what our girls have to say about our programmes! 

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Training times by Age Group

Age Group
Year(s) Born
Timing (Sundays)
U5 & U6
2018 - 2021
8.30am - 9.30am
U7 & U8
2016 & 2017
8.30am - 10.00am
U9, U10 & U11
2013 - 2015
10.00am - 11.30am
U12 & U13
2011 & 2012
8.30am - 10.00am
U14, U15 & U17/18
2006 - 2010
11.30am - 1.00pm
Girls Rugby (GSS)
2006 - 2016
8.30am - 10.00am

Fees by Age Group

Age Group
Year(s) Born
Per Session Fee (incl. GST)
2019 - 2021
Junior Girls
2012 - 2016
U7 - U8
2016 - 2017
U9 - U17/18
2006 - 2015
Senior Girls
2006 - 2011

Fees are paid by term (see 2024 term dates) and pro-rated for players who join mid-way through a term.

Discounts are available for third child registered and a child’s second sport in the same term.

It's easy to trial

Centaurs accepts players of any experience level - including those who have never played before.