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Registration Disclaimer

Disclaimers, risk acknowledgement and indemnity for participating in activities organised by Centaurs Group.

Privacy Policy

How Centaurs Group manages and protects your information with us, in accordance with the Personal Data Act. 

Safe Sport Commitment

Children have the right to enjoy, be safe, and feel respected in their sports. This is our safeguarding policy.

Centaurs Sports

Payment & Refund Policy

Policy for payments, refunds and credits of term fees for Centaurs Sports, including Rugby, Netball & Touch. 

Integrity Policy

By affiliating with Centaurs, you agree to defend our Integrity Policy which prioritises safety and happiness in sport.

Code of Conduct

Is it enjoyable, safe and respectful? These are the values we live by at Centaurs, covered by our sports code of conduct.

Weather & Cancellation

Always assume Centaurs training is on. In the case of extreme weather resulting in cancellation, a message will be sent via TeamSnap & email to each affected age group. Cancellation of activities for one age group does not mean automatic cancellation for another.

Warm Weather Policy

Decision-making steps for minimising heat stress and injury when playing in warm weather.

Haze Policy

Decision-making steps we take with regards to haze and training outdoors, prioritising safety.

Lightning Policy

Decision-making steps we take with regards to storms and training outdoors, prioritising safety.

Got a question we haven't covered?

Reach out to us via the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.