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Why Play Girls Rugby?

why play girls rugby with centaurs

“What I love about Rugby…”: Our Girls’ Perspectives!

We asked four of our rugby girls why they signed up to trial rugby and what motivates them to keep coming back as part of the Centaurs Girls Rugby Team. 

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“Consistently training has definitely helped me boost my confidence and improve my technique in rugby. The toughest challenge I had to overcome was reacting quickly and rationally in the game instead of acting on impulse (because of how fast paced the game can be).

I hope to see myself playing for the national team. I have been mentored by many amazing national rugby players at Centaurs that have inspired me to work hard and keep pushing myself to improve my skills.”


“I tried rugby because I was encouraged to by my parents, and I continue to play because I enjoy getting better at it… a great training session or game is so rewarding. I feel very fulfilled when I see myself and others living up to their potential. My Centaurs rugby teammates are my favourite people.

Being honest, it was a hurdle for me to get over the idea of tackling someone… but when you’ve trained and learned to do it safely with coaches, it’s just one part of a strategic and athletic game. The advice I’d give is “don’t overthink it! If you want to play, play and try hard at it!””

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“I started rugby because my older brother plays. I play now because I think it’s a tough sport for girls and I want to show that girls can play tough sports too – and it’s a lot of fun!!

I was afraid of hurting people when I tackled them but once you learn how to do it properly it’s much easier (although I am still a bit afraid sometimes!). Now I like the tackling, I like training, and playing with my friends.

My advice to someone who wants to give rugby a go is “just try it and have fun – don’t be afraid of trying, once you start you’ll see it’s a lot of fun!”


“I started playing rugby because I wanted to try something new and challenge myself. I quickly found that rugby isn’t just a game to me; it’s a vessel for growth, camaraderie, and endless gratitude and has a profound impact on my life. The sense of community that surrounds the sport at Centaurs is unparalleled, offering me a network of like-minded individuals who have become more than just teammates; they are my extended family. The boundless support I’ve received, both on and off the field, has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Through rugby, I’ve crossed paths with countless new faces, each bringing their own unique joy and perspective to my weekends.

In 10 years, it’s likely that I’ll see myself playing rugby at a local or regional level, perhaps within a recreational league. Now I can’t imagine my life without rugby in it!”

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