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Our TeamSnap Cheat Sheet

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A short guide to the team management software we use at Centaurs. We use TeamSnap to manage our age groups, players and teams.

Here’s an overview of the features we use.

First Up: Log in

All you need is your email address and password. Forgotten your password? It’s ok, just reset the password, and Teamsnap will send you a new one to your email address. Use that to get back in. 

You can get into Teamsnap either through the web (that is, log in via its website using your email address and password) or through its phone app which you can download from App Store (if you are using iPhone) or GooglePlay (for Android users).

Some functions like Checking Availability for your child is easier done on the phone app rather than on the web. Also, the phone app is handy when you are running for a game and you need to check timing and location.

TeamSnap Functions

Beyond scheduling and attendance tracking, you can use TeamSnap to communicate with fellow team members and coaches, sending emails, posting comments or simply to chat. Here’s some of the things you can do, using the tabs found on the banner at the top of your homepage.


The roster contains the information of your child eg birthdate, address and school. You control the information here. So, if you wish to add in an additional email address to your account, add in another family member (eg a grandparent who helps to take the children to training) to give them access to your child’s game schedule, you can do so without waiting for someone else to do it for you. 

Here’s what you do – Click on your child’s name to get into his/her page. Towards the top right hand side of the page, click on “Edit” or “Add Family Member”, whichever you need, and do what you need to do. Remember to save the changes. That’s all.


This gives you the schedule of training and games during the term, perhaps even events coming up in the next term, so you know what’s coming up. We will keep it updated, so check in every now and then. 

Apart from timings, the schedule also provides locations of games.

The “View Preferences” tab is handy if you wish to check on past games or if you just want to see future events.


Here is where you check in to register the availability for your child. This is one function where the phone app is definitely easier to use, just click on “Going”, “Maybe, or “No”. You can add an availability note if you wish, for instance to explain that your child is sick, or something. On the web, the comment box is triggered when you click on the pencil icon next to your reply.  

Do register your availability before training so coaches know the numbers to expect for upcoming sessions, or simply to indicate to coaches if your child can play in a game.


Term fees are listed here so if you are unsure how much fees are due, you can tab here to check. We will also indicate here whether your fees are paid, so if you can’t remember whether or not you have settled your child’s fees, just check here.


Photos and Videos can be shared here and stored so any of the team’s members can retrieve it when needed. You can also share files like writeups about why sports is so important here.


This tab allows you to send emails to anyone in the team, post messages on the message board. The phone app has an extra function where you can chat with fellow members.


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