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What is Netball? The Basics

centaurs basics of netball

If you know nothing about netball, this article covers the basics. Get a head start before your first netball lesson or cheer with confidence on the sidelines as a supporter.

The Essentials

The aim of netball is… to put the ball through your net (a goal) more times than your opponent.

The ball… is round with a grippy surface

The hoop… is 10ft (3.05m) high. We make it shorter for players younger than 11 years old. 

The court… is split into thirds. It’s a hard surface court, with painted lines. Can be indoor or outdoor. 

court layout

A Netball Game

Who’s on the court? 7 players per team on court… plus 5 substitutes on the bench

How long is a netball game? 4 x 15 minute quarters… 1 hour! (with breaks in between of course)

Who’s enforcing the rules? 2 umpires along the side lines of the court

The Rules

If we had to pick the three most important rules of Netball they would be…

1. You can’t re-ground your landing foot (i.e. walk or run) once you’ve caught the ball

2. You have to stick to the areas for your position

3. Defend (with your hands up over the ball) at least 3ft (0.9m) away from your opponent’s landing foot 

centaurs netball high five

What makes a good player?

Netball is a team sport that takes skills, speed, agility, and teamwork.

Centaurs Netball develops players for success and in sessions, we work on these skills:

  • throwing
  • catching
  • running and stopping
  • shooting
  • defending
  • spatial awareness
  • communication
  • teamwork

Whatever your level of experience in Netball, if you’re interested in giving it a go book in a free trial with Centaurs. 

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