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Introduction to Netball The Court: How to Play Netball

netball centre circle

If you want to play netball, you’re going to need a court! Specifically… a netball court. 

A netball court can be indoors or outdoors. It has painted lines to guide the players, who have various limitations on where they can be depending on what position they’re playing in).

More about the netball positions

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court layout

Court Markings


mark the court boundary along the side of the court. These are 30.5m or 100ft long. 


mark the court boundary at either end of the court, where the goals sit. They measure 15.25m or 50ft. 

Transverse lines 

two lines parallel to the goal lines divide the court into three equal areas. The middle area is called the centre third and two ends are goal thirds.

Goal circles 

confusingly… neither are full circles. The goal circles are the semi-circles within which the goal must be scored (4.9m or 16ft radius).

Centre circle

where the game starts and restarts after a goal. The centre circle is small – just 0.9m (or 3ft) in diameter.

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Other terminology & features

Centre third

between the two transverse lines, including the centre circle.

Goal thirds

between the baseline and the next transverse line, including the goal circle.

Goal Posts

These sit at either end of the court, on the baseline in the centre of the goal circle. The goals are raised nets on a pole, to a standard height of 10ft (3.05m high) or for children under 11, 2.6m high. Unlike basketball, there is no backboard (netball goals take precision and skill!). 

New to netball? This article covers the basics.

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