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New Sponsor: Spice Taxation

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Centaurs is pleased to announce a new relationship with Spice Taxation, who are joining us as a sponsor of Centaurs Sports Clubs.

Providing UK tax and compliance advice wholly independent of financial advice companies and banks, Martin Rimmer from Spice Taxation has 25 years of expertise guiding British expatriates living abroad and non-British families who have intentions to live, study, work or buy property in the UK in the future.

Services include long-term planning and advice for domicile and residence status, relocation, inheritance, property, and more.

Centaurs referrals receive an exclusive 10% off all Spice Taxation services, so when you reach out be sure to inform Martin that you’ve heard about them through Centaurs. Exploratory consultations are free and Spice Taxation has a straightforward, unique and generous approach to pricing.

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